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Customer Success: ISS


SD Worx demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our requirements & an unerring ability to decant into an efficient solution.

Richard Bishop-Laggett, HR Services Director, ISS

With over 43,000 employees and multiple payrolls, SD Worx worked with ISS to reduce complexities into a single, straightforward Payroll run – increasing accuracy and employee engagement as a result.


Due to the nature of its business, ISS, the leading facilities services company, wanted to find a solution for its complex payrolls with multiple pay frequencies, which caused substantial complications due to scale and National Insurance aggregation requirements.

Its in-house bespoke payroll system caused several points of failure, ISS wanted to reduce the number of risks generated by its payroll, while maintaining its cost base and streamlining the process of paying its employees.


SD Worx established a dedicated payroll team based in our UK and Mauritius offices. Our colleagues have excellent payroll expertise and are passionate about supporting ISS with any queries and challenges that arise. Dedicated payroll executives manage overpayments, which SD Worx collect on ISS’ behalf, minimising cost to their business.

Our colleagues’ experience and character means that we can handle such a complex payroll, whilst maintaining high accuracy and engagement.

Benefits & Impact

  • Significantly improved accuracy of 99.85% in 2012.
  • Millions of annual savings through accuracy uplift.
  • Reduced manual processing and administration.
  • Removed single point of risk by introducing electronic time capture, self-service technology and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
  • Full and automatic compliance with any new legislative changes.