SD Worx’s stakeholders require assurance that we continue to remain at the forefront of our industry and that we are accounting for all areas of business life, including social, ethical and environmental issues.Doug Sawers, Managing Director of SD Worx UK & Ireland

Corporate Social Responsibility is as simple as it sounds – it is an initiative that means companies account for all areas of business life and act in an ethical, responsible manner.

We believe that private organisations such as ours have a responsibility to go above and beyond minimum legal requirements, and integrate socially responsible behaviour into their core values.

SD Worx’s CSR portfolio is based around three major aspects of our organisation:

Our portfolio is a commitment to all three of these aspects, ensuring that our organisation keeps its mind’s eye on humanity, stays true to our company values and respects the environment. Indeed, it makes solid business sense.

Our environment

At SD Worx, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. With offices throughout the UK and over 9,500 employees worldwide, we recognise that our business has an effect on both local communities and on the environment. That is why we have taken steps to minimise our impact on the environment, starting with the very location of our headquarters!


Early in 2007, we relocated our UK Head Office to GreenPark in Reading, and into a building that was designed to co-exist in harmony with its surroundings.

GreenPark is famous for its wind turbine, designed by architect Norman Foster. It provides a natural source of energy for businesses in the area, as well as 1,500 surrounding homes.

Carbon Footprint

We designed a scheme to reduce our carbon footprint that would be suited to the conditions of the new site. The scheme involved:

  • launching a car sharing initiative,
  • a ‘Bikes to Work’ benefit scheme to encourage employees to cycle to the office,
  • encouraging those with company cars to take lower grade or diesel vehicles.
  • Before electing a new Fleet provider, diesel accounted for 36% of the fleet. Today, that figure stands at 67%, bringing about a huge reduction in our CO2 emissions.
  • Energy and Recycling

We have significantly reduced the amount of paper used by the company through a number of initiatives.

When SD Worx switched to ePaySlips in 2006, we made a saving of £2.5k and 2 tonnes of paper!

  • Company newsletters are now sent out electronically over the intranet.
  • Customer newsletters are sent out through e-mail.
  • Employees are encouraged to be more economical with their print-outs, and recycling facilities are available.
  • Our employees are also encouraged to reduce their energy consumption by, for example, turning machines off instead of leaving them on stand-by, and making sure lights are switched off when they leave the building. Employees are also encouraged to turn down the thermostat when the weather improves.

Simple ideas, applied company-wide, have put SD Worx on track to becoming a carbon-neutral company. The support and involvement of every single employee has been crucial in getting our green initiatives off the ground.

Our employees

At SD Worx, we practise what we preach: our employees benefit from one of our core products, LifeWorks. All of our employees and their families benefit from our own Employee Assistance Programme, free of charge. It is confidential, with counsellors accessible around the clock.

The LifeWorks website is constantly updated with information and advice on day-to-day issues, health and wellbeing, and many other topics.

87% of SD Worx Employees feel that they are able to maintain a work/life balance.

Another of our core values is “to develop our people”. We are proud that our workforce is one of the most highly qualified workforces in our sector. 5% of our UK employees hold a CIPD qualification in HR administration or management.

From first day induction to sponsorship of professional qualifications, our employees benefit from constant investment in Learning & Development. We’re also committed to developing enthusiastic achievers. This means we’ve built a culture that rewards initiative and innovation while encouraging honest communication.

Our people are not only focused on delivering excellent customer service but also on supporting and encouraging each other. Most organisations acknowledge that people are their greatest asset, and our aim is to allow our employees to develop both personally and professionally, adding value to their lives.

All of which adds up to make SD Worx a great place to work and a great place to grow your career.

Our Community

The PayBack Foundation makes a real difference for disadvantaged children. Recognising the impact that offices like ours can have on neighbourhoods where service providers, high-tech companies and newer small businesses have replaced the traditional industrial employers, SD Worx sought a way to ‘pay back’ into the local community and in 1997 created the PayBack Foundation to help disadvantaged children who live or go to school close to our offices.

PayBack aims to support named individuals as part of an ongoing and long-term relationship.

Since its creation, PayBack has funded over 170 deserving youngsters through grants totalling over £190,000. Read about Jake and Rebecca’s stories; just two of the children PayBack has helped.

If you wish to apply for a grant then please refer to the grant conditions

Jake’s Story

Jake is an 8-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. Jake is unable to use his own voice to talk about his favourite things. He needed a hi-tech communication aid to give him a voice.

PayBack was happy to help by donating the money needed to purchase a Tellus Communication Aid. And what a difference it has a made. He’s now able to chat with his family and friends, play guessing games and answer questions in class. Jake’s parents, Tracey and Michael, are delighted and say that now with ‘Tellus’ he just doesn’t stop talking!

Rebecca’s Story

Ten-year-old Rebecca has severe walking difficulties that restrict her movement. Despite this, she attends a mainstream primary school and really enjoys riding her specialist tricycle on visits to the local shops with her mum. The independence afforded by the bike boosts her self-esteem and provides important exercise.

However, she had now outgrown the bike and faced either staying at home or relying on a wheelchair when her mum went shopping in future. Fortunately, her physiotherapist approached us and PayBack agreed to fund a replacement specialist tricycle. To everyone’s delight, the bike rides are back and her beaming smile says it all.

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