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Prepared & Proactive? HR & its Role in the Future of Work

Prepared & Proactive? HR & its Role in the Future of Work

Prepared & Proactive? HR & its Role in the Future of Work

Never before has it been more vital for businesses to optimise the ideas, strengths and skills of their entire workforce – and of others within their industry and beyond.

The rise of technology

The increasing use of technology and automation, social media and the massive increase in the amount of data available are all disrupting our world. Add economic and global events such as Brexit to the mix and it becomes volatile and uncertain. Whether we’re thinking about the impact of artificial intelligence on white collar jobs or the implications of the National Living Wage, we can only explore and address the challenge of the future if we harness the power of collaboration. The common denominator in all these issues is people – and their talent and skills. Yet, a survey carried out earlier this year polling the views of HR leaders across 30 countries revealed that two-thirds believe that HR professionals are undervalued by the CEO and many HR departments are clearly concerned that they do not have sufficient influence on the board.

Is it time for HR to become more proactive?

They are certainly in the frontline when it comes to many of these challenges. Take Brexit, for example. Recent analysis suggests that around 10% of the national workforce is made up on non-UK nationals and the fact that EU workers make up for much of the country’s UK skills shortages in areas such as engineering and IT is a major concern for recruiters and HR as a whole. There’s also a whole series of other employment-related issues to navigate such as the need to publish details of the gender pay gap and the Apprenticeship Levy. But it would be easy to focus on these and forget the need to be strategic, to concentrate also on the empowerment and engagement of staff, ultimately to ensure better results.

The Future of Work; Collaborate and Inspire for Success

As we move into 2017 and beyond I encourage everyone to move collaboration to the very top of their agenda and harness the power this brings with it. This is why SD Worx’ European Conference on the 8th February 2017, looks at the high level strategic issues that are rocking the HR and business worlds. the theme is: The Future of Work; Collaborate and Inspire for Success, and it will be a chance to get to the bottom of some of today’s hot topics and what they will mean for individual businesses. It will also be an opportunity to discuss how technology can help HR meet these challenges.

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About the author

Doug Sawers
Managing Director, SD Worx UK & Ireland

Doug is part of the Executive Committee at SD Worx, one of the largest HR & Payroll providers in Europe with presence in 9 countries, over 62,500 customers and 3,500 employees. Doug and the Senior Leadership team are responsible for the SD Worx UK & Ireland business. The main is to deliver innovative human capital management software and provide exceptional customer service to the UK and International markets.

Doug is particularly passionate about engaging colleagues to ensure that at SD Worx we build a company with true global solutions to address our customers’ needs, build deep domain knowledge and regional expertise to accelerate growth across Europe. Doug holds B.Acc. and C.A. qualifications, and hails from Glasgow.

Having joined Ceridian in 2005 which was acquired by SD Worx Group in June 2016, Doug’s career history includes the roles: Group MD Operations at lastminute.com, Deputy CEO at holiday autos, and MD of Budget in the UK. He describes himself as an “escaped financial director who enjoys discussing how the human capital asset has a greater value than the net book version.”

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