We implemented the HCM Solution on time and under budget, which was a wonderful achievement in itself. The ROI we’ve experienced on the software investment is even greater than we anticipated.

– Julie Sedlock, Group VP of Store Operations, Aéropostale


Aéropostale, Inc. is an American shopping mall-based specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories. The company operates over 1,000 Aéropostale® and P.S from Aéropostale™ stores across North America, with licensees operating 20 Aerpostale stores in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Aéropostale faced a number of challenges:

  • Complying to the various employment laws that differ from state to state, in particular governing the employment and scheduling
  • Labour intensive and time consuming manual processes, such as the use of spread sheets by district managers in calculating employee overtime
  • Adapting and accommodating employee schedules that often revolve around school and extracurricular activities


Starting with a pilot rollout of our Time & Attendance Solution in 150 stores, Aéropostale immediately gained comprehensive functionality in the way time was being captured. By having the right SaaS architecture in place that provided standardisation and automation, the business was now able to decrease payroll costs, simply by reducing time capture errors. Furthermore, their payroll error rate was reduced by 61%, leading to increased savings. In April 2014, the complete, end-to-end version of our HCM Solution was rolled out to the entire organisation.

With the right human capital management solution in place, Aéropostale is meeting the technology demands of their Generation Y and Millennial employees, assist in creating a work-life balance culture, and providing an easy to use solution for the entire organisation.

Benefits & Impact

Aéropostale quickly saw a significant reduction in time and attendance penalties across the entire store network. The automated rules based system of our HCM Solution enabled overtime and day crossover limitations to be correctly calculated.

We’ve achieved management expense reductions well into the six digits, with help from Ceridian HCM.

– Julie Sedlock, Group VP of Store Operations, Aéropostale.

Most importantly, Aéropostale is now equipped with the right technology to help create a more engaged workforce and sustain the work life balance culture they strived to develop. The mobile capabilities of the HCM Solution has allowed Aéropostale employees to check and manage their own schedules, from anywhere, anytime. “Previously our associates were often forced to come into the store location and manage their schedules. Image those logistics in our Times Square store, where we employ more than 1,000 kids. Now they can log on to the portal from anywhere,” says Sedlock.

The statistics on just how many employees are using the HCM mobile functionality are quite impressive. During a span of three weeks in early 2015, Aéropostale staff logged on 778,000 times, with approximately 43% of users identified as store associates. By selecting us to be their strategic partner, Aéropostale chose a vendor that could provide a single, real-time solution to efficiently manage all their human capital needs. Aéropostale chose a vendor that they felt they could develop a long lasting strategic partnership with — which was key in the decision making process.

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