Pinnacle Caterers

Pinnacle Caterers

I can go back in time into the details and do comprehensive analysis. The control is 100% there.

– David Ho, Corporate Financial Controller, Pinnacle Caterers


Pinnacle Caterers’ outdated scheduling system was time-consuming to maintain. Antiquated punch card networks in disparate locations made accurate productivity monitoring nearly impossible and amounted to an inordinate amount of time (up to 12 hours a month) spent closing payroll, cost accounting, and ensuring compliance to provincial laws.

Pinnacle Caterers faced a number of challenges:

  • There was a need to transition their old manual, paper based Workforce Management (WFM) solution to a more
    modern, automated system with mobile capabilities
  • Detailed insight into their human capital could not be provided immediately
  • Managerial time was not being spent efficiently, impacting productivity levels


Our HCM solution allows managers to view, edit, fix and preview payroll in real-time. With built-in graphical views, visibility into labor schedule and budget data is now possible, with the ability to identify potential schedule overages or shortages. Throughout the entire application, there are embedded analytics which help ensure that payroll decisions such as wage increases or overtime are based on real-time business intelligence data and benchmarks.

Employees are compensated accurately and on time, while leaving payroll managers plenty of time to review in-application audits and validations to ensure full compliance.

Benefits & Impact

With the added feature of biometrics – a compelling alternative to traditional punch clocks – employee time data is accurately captured, eliminating the risk of “buddy punching” and stolen time, saving the organization money and empowering managers with visibility into appropriate information to make more informed decisions.

“This is high tech,” says David Ho, Corporate Financial Controller for Pinnacle Caterers, “this is where I want to be – with automation and security. Nobody has to punch, which streamlines the operations side.”

The complete integration of WFM and Payroll provides real-time key performance indicators that encourage managers to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Additionally, managers are now confident on the comings and goings of their employees and feel they can account for every minute of their employees’ time on the job. As a result, they are confident in their pay accuracy, have experienced reduced payroll administration time, and can prove compliance with labour laws.

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