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Customer Success: A leading financial services company

A leading financial services company

The introduction of SD Worx’s HR Software has enabled this leading business insurance broker to localise the responsibility for HR administration, whilst maintaining centralised control and visibility.


Our customer was looking for a self service solution that would enable the distribution of HR administration to local offices whilst maintaining centralised control and high levels of accuracy.

They wanted to outsource the burden of payroll processing, yet retain a clear link with HR data. Therefore an efficient self service tool with simple interfaces was essential to their plans to improve HR and payroll efficiencies across the business.


The customer wanted regional managers to carry out HR tasks moving forward. SD Worx used its risk reduction techniques to fulfill the complex security requirements that would enable this approach.

By designing simple and standardised processes within SD Worx’s solution, managers can now perform HR tasks with ease, in a consistent manner across all locations. The efficiency of HR administration vastly improved through the use of self service, whilst maintaining control and visibility from a centralised point through the solution.

Benefits & Impact

  • 100% payroll accuracy in 2012.
  • Annual savings in payroll calculation errors.
  • 50% reduction in HR administration cost.
  • Improved efficiency by introducing localised HR responsibilities through self service.