Payroll software that is easy to use and reliable, with excellent customer support.

Ceridian's cloud based payroll software allows you to keep control of your payroll and its operations in-house, while we take care of the IT requirements and all legislation updates. You benefit from the latest technology and a dedicated team of payroll experts to support you.

Ceridian payroll ensures employees are paid accurately and on time each and every month. We never have to worry about changing legislation as Ceridian deals with it all. We know our payslips will be correct.

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Instant results

Save time by seeing your payroll changes instantly.

If you make a change to your payroll, for example a salary adjustment, the net pay is calculated immediately in our software, so you will see any changes instantly. This allows more time for checking which will improve your payroll accuracy and reduce overpayments.

Flexible period ends

Run your payroll when you are ready, not by a set schedule.

Our software allows you the flexibility to run your payroll when you are ready, not by a set schedule. As payroll calculations are executed at the start of the payroll period, it gives you early visibility of your results (if you have little changes in your payroll this is especially useful) and smooths out activity across the pay period rather than doing it all at the end. This means late notifications and adjustments can be dealt with more easily.

Payroll reporting

Improve accuracy with easy to use drill down reporting.

Payroll reporting

Our dynamic online payroll reports can substantially improve your payroll accuracy, as you have greater visibility of errors that are occurring in your payroll process.

You can drill down to the level of detail you require, and forward reports to others in your organisation for digital sign off.

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Online payslips software

Reduce payroll queries with helpful, interactive online payslips.

Online payslip

Employees can access their payslips and P60 information securely online on any device.

With helpful interactive tooltips to explain the various pay elements, our online payslips feature can more than half the number of queries your HR and payroll colleagues receive.

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PAYE in Real Time

Keep your business compliant with RTI and other HMRC legislation.

Notifications to HMRC through RTI are simple, and done automatically for you. We test and release regular legislation updates so you don’t have to worry about making any changes. Our experts, who help shape the legislation, will also provide guidance to you on any changes as and when they happen.

Salary sacrifice

Make savings on your National Insurance Contributions.

Quickly and easily setup salary sacrifice to enable National Insurance Contributions' savings for your business and your employees. Our customers have saved millions of pounds per annum and typically see a return of investment on set-up costs in three months.

Manage multiple payrolls

Quickly transfer employees between payrolls.

Manage multiple payrolls and transfer employees between them. Our clever import routines will allow you to add large groups of employees to a pay company where you need it to be done quickly (e.g. as a result of a merge or acquisition). As standard, our software also includes functionality to pay employees in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Imports, exports and third party payments

Have the flexibility to connect with with other systems.

Import files directly to your payroll, such as outputs from your HR system or hours worked; export critical data files such as General Ledger outputs and pension feeds; and make third party payments automatically on behalf of your employees.

Benefits of cloud payroll software from Ceridian

  • Instant results give you more time to carry out checks, increasing your payroll accuracy. Customers have typically seen a reduction in errors by 10% against traditional payroll systems.
  • Salary sacrifice can be easily set up on your payroll, saving you 13.8% on your employer NIC costs.
  • Integration with our HR software can give you a single source of employee data.
  • Mobile and online payslips together with our payslip help tools can reduce payroll queries by 75%.
  • Online payslips and payroll reports can reduce your CO2 footprint.
  • Quick and easy set-up. We have over two million combinations to suit your needs that can be configured quickly through pre-defined parameters and calculations.

Payroll software using the latest cloud technology

  • We maintain the underlying cloud technology so you have no in-house IT installation or maintenance to manage.
  • Our cloud solution reduces your total cost of ownership by at least 20%.
  • Data stored securely and backed up with disaster recovery plans in place – whatever happens, your payroll will run as normal.
  • Our platform is delivered via our partner Centurylink who are one of only 15 Tier-1 providers.
  • Optimised for all web browsers and tablet devices.
  • Highly configurable with over two million different combinations to suit your individual needs.
  • Legislation and functionality updates tested and released – you don’t have to worry about making changes, these are done automatically, meaning you’ll always be on the latest version of our software.
  • Our simple set up process can have your technology up and running in days.
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