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Evidence-based HR

The bridge between academic and professional HR appears to be shortening. The current discussion around Evidence-Based HR (EBHR) has stimulated debate in the professional arena around how best it can be applied to the workplace – or whether it can actually be applied at all.

A recent report, ‘Evidence-based HR: From Fads to Facts?’ carried out by the Corporate Research Forum (CRF), and sponsored by Ceridian, highlights how the idea of EBHR is being developed in academia, what it might mean to HR practitioners, and what could help organisations take a more evidence-based approach to people management.

What is EBHR?

HR professionals are increasingly being asked to demonstrate how their human resource strategies impact business results. However, focus has been mostly on measuring the efficiency of the HR function rather than addressing how HR can create value, and how it can be used as a way to improve business results.

EBHR is about shifting the way HR practitioners think, the way they interpret information, solve problems, and evaluate solutions.

It is focused on providing factual evidence as a basis for decision-making.

How can it be applied?

If questioned, what evidence would you have that your recruitment selection, learning and development programme, or engagement surveys are having a direct impact on business results?

EBHR presents the opportunity for HR to become strategic partners in their business and help the profession move away from fads, and move towards helping their organisation improve business performance through more effective management of people.

The jury is out whether EBHR will take off. It could go either way. We now need a period of co-creation in the idea. Although academics have coined the phrase, practitioners will need to make it their own before they commit much effort to thinking or behaving differently.Wendy Hirsh, Report Author

What do you think?

For most HR professionals, the evidence-based approach represents a very different way of working, and a significant shift in their business roles.

What do you think? As a HR professional are you ready to embrace EBHR, or are you all ready doing this? Leave your comments below.

To find out more about the work of the Corporate Research Forum, visit www.crforum.co.uk

  • 3rd October 2011
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