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Free LifeWorks documents

xmas gift  With the recession taking its toll on all our pockets, finding that festive spirit can be difficult for many. Fears of job losses, falling house prices and the rising cost of living could be threatening the health of your workforce and your business. Ignore it now and you could start 2009 on a grey note.

Free advice and tips

Recent research conducted by Ceridian revealed recession has become a regular talking point amongst employees; with over half of the 1,000 employees surveyed saying they discussed its impact twice a week or more. Access to confidential personal and financial advice can help employees to address their concerns preventing them from developing into more serious problems.

As a seasonal promotion, LifeWorks is giving you free access to a portfolio of guidance documents. Created by our LifeWorks experts, these resources aim to provide your employees with information and advice to proactively manage their finances, deal with their concerns and cope with changes they may be facing in the workplace and at home.

These documents form a small part of Ceridian’s Employee Assistance Programme - LifeWorks, which is focused on supporting and developing healthy organisations, healthy work cultures and healthy employees.

Offering easily accessible and concise information to help your employees through the financial crisis will not only benefit your workforce, but also your business itself. If your employees are actively managing their finances, then chances are they’ll be better focused and more productive at work.

  • 1st December 2008
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