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International Payroll

Ceridian has reached another milestone in its service to global employers and their people by providing international payroll outsourcing services in almost 70 countries. The latest countries include Vietnam, Nigeria and Kenya with international services in Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Israel and Taiwan having gone live last December.

In addition to the new countries which have just come on stream, which sees us providing payroll services in nearly 70 countries, we have 114 new payrolls across 38 countries scheduled to go live in the next six months. And our new International Shared Service Centre, officially opened in Glasgow in June 2011, provides payroll support in 15 languages to over 200 customers.Nick Laird, Chief Commercial Officer, Ceridian UK

Ceridian International Services enable global employers to contract with a single provider for all of their payroll needs, reducing the need to keep up-to-date with payroll regulations, as well as the cost and responsibility of employing payroll experts in each country.

One Canadian multi-national technology company has used outsourcing as a simple and easy way to grow quickly, by not having to worry about how they pay their employees when setting up businesses in new countries.

As a single point of contact for global organisations, Ceridian International Services provide, through one service level agreement, a standard set of processing services that are appropriate and consistent across all countries in which clients operate. This eliminates the confusion of multiple processes, points of contact, languages and cultures and provides accurate and prompt service delivery for employees regardless of their location.

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