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Payroll in the cloud: always on, always available

Payroll processing is, by its very nature, a time critical activity. Any outage during the processing period will lead to stress and anxiety for all involved if the incident is not managed effectively and resolved quickly.

Flexibility is also now a key factor in encouraging employee engagement – it is more important than ever that users can access systems and complete the tasks that matter to them effectively and when it’s most convenient.

This is why cloud-based payroll and HR solutions delivered over the internet offer a big advantage over many more traditional in-house locally hosted solutions; because they are available 24/7 wherever there is an internet connection.

Ceridian: always on, always available

Ceridian has been utilising cloud-based technologies for over a decade to deliver its payroll and HR solutions. But what do we do to ensure our solutions are robust and reliable; always on, always available?

Data centres – removing the single point of failure

We utilise two ‘always on’ data centres housed at different locations to ensure no single point of failure. In the event of a site wide issue, intelligent traffic management technology will automatically redirect traffic between data centres. Should a data centre suffer an interruption to its power supply, it is supported by uninterruptable power supplies and generators with enough capacity to keep operating for nearly a week.

Our web servers are load balanced to ensure an even distribution of activity and workload and no interruption to service in event of a server failure. Our databases are replicated between data centres meaning that, should a database fail, data loss can be kept to a minimum.

Handling issues as soon as they arise

We constantly monitor our solution meaning we are automatically alerted as soon as an issue arises, allowing us to address the issue immediately with minimum disruption to service. In addition, we employ best practice support processes to cover the handling of major incidents and ensure the right people are aware of, and able to manage, any issues that arise effectively.

Anticipating the unexpected

Although our solution maintains a high availability level of over 99.99%, we understand that sometimes the unexpected does happen. We review and verify all the recovery routines we have in place and perform regular outage simulations to ensure that, should the worst happen, our teams can fully recover our service quickly and with minimal disruption to our customers.

Continuously investing

Ceridian continues to invest heavily in its cloud-based solutions meaning that our customers can be confident they will be able to access our solutions anytime, anywhere, and that the system will be available to ensure deadlines are met, like payroll processing times.

Working in the cloud, we have access to some of the most advanced technologies and knowledgeable subject matter expertise available. This enables us to deploy technologies efficiently and prove their effectiveness. Investment of this level is normally only possible when you are able to take advantage of the economies of scale that come from hosting multiple systems, and is often beyond the reach of many internal IT departments.

Therefore, given the choice, why would you not place your payroll in the cloud?

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