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The case for wellbeing at work

Last week HR Magazine discussed businesses’ attitude to wellbeing and whether it is being taken seriously as a boardroom issue. Findings from a survey they undertook revealed almost half of respondents ran health and wellbeing initiatives, but only 17% had a comprehensive strategy in place linking the health and wellbeing of the workforce to the success of the business.

If employees really are a company’s biggest asset, and engaged and healthy employees realises greater productivity, 17% seems amazingly low.

According to new research conducted by ICM on behalf of Unum, and discussed by Unum’s HR Director Linda Smith at the recent Health@Work Summit, a third of workers would consider leaving their job due to poor workplace wellbeing. Providing employees with more than just a fair and competitive salary has been proven to really make a difference to staff retention, and ultimately the success of the business.

This infographic captures some of the key themes of the ‘Wellbeing Lag’ research from Unum.

Checkout the Unum Blog for more insights into the report and regular benefit led updates

  • 22nd June 2014
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