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What Makes An Organisation Great For HR?

To celebrate the CIPD’s centenary, People Management assembled a team of academics and practitioners to identify companies and bodies that have been the true exemplars of HR practice over the past 100 years.

Asked to judge across four different areas, the team came up with a top 20 list.

Last month we asked Connection readers what was the most important criteria of the four areas, for an organisation to be deemed great for HR.

50% of responders felt the commercial impact of HR practice was the most important; 38% a strong reputation for treating employees well; 13% recognition for HR practice; and a history of HR innovation not high on the agenda, with no responders.

We asked Ceridian’s Head of HR Jane Spink what qualities organisation’s must have. Here’s what she said…

  • A clear customer centric vision and purpose.
  • Courageous Senior Leaders who are not afraid to listen and empower all colleagues within the organisation to take action.
  • Collaborative development of meaningful values and ways of working, which are recognised and valued by customers and colleagues.
  • Dynamic environment where it’s OK to take a chance, and also to change direction if we get it wrong.

What else would you add to the list? Leave your comments below…

  • 20th June 2013
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