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Global Payroll

Global Payroll

As companies look for more sustainable growth strategies they are looking towards the international markets. Dealing as a ‘multinational’ is no longer restricted to large corporations; with the right strategy in place, small and medium sized businesses can compete on the world stage by establishing a presence closer to their markets.

However, many organisations will be inexperienced in managing the different stages of a multi-country payroll cycle; from the initial planning and entry to market, through to driving transformational change.

Here we look at what organisations are asking for, regardless of whether they are paying people in two or 20 countries, in order to better manage their global payrolls.

We want to centralise our multinational payroll providers

As organisations grow in size and structure, enter new markets, and acquire additional companies, they are looking for ways to improve their payroll operations. They want to be able to:

  • gain efficiencies through consistency;
  • standardise processes;
  • increase cost-effectiveness;
  • and reduce risk.

By moving from multiple payroll providers in multiple countries, to a single provider to interact with for all multinational payrolls, organisations are able to fulfil these objectives. The delivery of this approach will ultimately depend on the provider.

Ceridian delivers its International Payroll service through a network of best-of-breed partners who follow our standardised processes and consistent service level, and bring local payroll expertise, experience and knowledge. Our partners are identified through Ceridian’s SOC – ISAE3402 (formerly SAS70) compliant selection process to ensure they can meet our stringent requirements and provide the scalability to meet longer term needs.

We need to increase control with global processes

At Ceridian we’re finding that a number of organisations are turning to a regional Shared Service centre approach to managing their payrolls. By doing so they are ensuring a standard global approach to payroll delivery, and further improving service levels and reducing costs.

Ceridian now operate two Shared Service Centres for our International customers, supporting around 17 languages from Glasgow, UK and St Petersburg, US. The support model and tools allow us to support global processes for customers who opt for the regional support model as well as customers who prefer the country-by-country support approach.

We need to ensure we stay compliant with each country’s specific legislation

Organisations, unquestionably, are continuing to be stringent on compliance. They want to ensure that the provider they choose is able to comply with the variation in payroll legislation, specific rules, tax laws and data-sharing requirements in each country they operate in.

For organisations to try and do this in-house isn’t possible, and with multiple providers they need to ensure they all comply individually. So it’s another reason why organisations are looking to centralise their multinational payroll providers; as one provider will minimise this worry considerably.

Ceridian’s in country partner network is regulated to ensure adherence with a Compliance Framework which sets out our consistent approach to audits, reviews and risk assessment to ensure we deliver a compliant service in every country.

Ceridian has over 10 years’ experience in international payrolls and has a proven delivery model to support organisations who are planning to move into the international markets or who are looking to consolidate their current operations. Send us a message to find out more or call us on 0800 0482 737.

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