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The PayBack Foundation: how far we've come (Part 1/2)


People often ask me why I enjoy working for SD Worx; there are many answers I could give: the great people I work with, that no two days are ever the same, or that I'm empowered to do things my way. But truly, one of the greatest aspects of my role is knowing that we change the lives of children who need a helping hand.

The PayBack Foundation was set up by SD Worx in 1997 as a way for colleagues to give back to their local communities. "PayBack" as the charity is commonly referred to, provides grants to local children with specialist needs who are under the age of 17, for equipment and devices that are not readily available through the NHS or support services. Since inception, the charity has been able to make a positive difference to the lives of over 600 children.

As secretary of the PayBack Foundation, every week I read applications from parents who are trying desperately to make the lives of their children just that little bit easier. A lot of the grant requests are for equipment that most families would take for granted, but for a family whose child has a disability, there are often unexpected obstacles and barriers to overcome.

Take for example the application PayBack received from the parents of Jossalynne; a beautiful, vivacious 7 year old girl who, although has a diagnoses of downs syndrome, hypotonia (floppy muscles) and hypermobility (joints extend more than they should), loves nothing more than to go out with her family and feel the wind in her face, something that simply would not be possible without the grant from PayBack for a specialist tricycle.

There are many stories I could share about the children PayBack has helped; some grants help with day to day tasks, like the specially adapted shower holder, hairbrush and tin opener we recently approved, others bring joy by allowing the child to participate in "normal" activities like riding a bike, whilst others, such as the sleep systems or nocturnal epilepsy sensors really are lifesaving. Upon reading stories like these, it is clear that PayBack is a worthwhile cause and greatly appreciated by the families we help, but my real sense of pride comes from the people at SD Worx.

PayBack is run entirely by SD Worx colleagues, who volunteer their time to run, promote, create and participate in not only fundraising activities, but in the running and maintaining of the charity itself, from reviewing the applications, speaking with parents and specialists, to buying the equipment and delivering to the families we help.

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