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5 ways our Payroll Gurus can support you through COVID-19

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6 reasons your HR and payroll struggled through Covid-19

As the Payroll People, we eat, sleep and breathe payroll. We’ll do everything it takes to make sure our customers’ payroll is operating smoothly during this period of uncertainty.

Our Managed Service Payroll team always go above and beyond for our customers, here are 5 ways they can help your business with payroll during COVID-19:

    1. We’ll help you stay 100% compliant

    The last month has been a minefield for new rules and legislation. When times are hectic, it it’s easy to get caught out. Our Payroll gurus have all the latest details on government legislation and new measures in place to combat COVID-19, such as furlough and Statutory Sick Pay. They can support you through the process, sort out the complicated admin tasks and even provide an audit trail so you can prove that you stayed compliant.

      2. Emergency payroll alternations

      Nobody could have predicted the impact of Coronavirus. To cope with the increased financial strain, some businesses have had to change their plans, including paying employees a bonus or increasing salaries. Our team of payroll experts can quickly and easily make alternations to your payroll, even if its within a very tight deadline, so you never have to worry about making emergency adjustments.

        3. Onboarding additional staff

        While many businesses have closed temporarily, some businesses have had to employ additional staff members to cover the increased workload which means onboarding hundreds of new employees onto the payroll. SD Worx Managed Service Payroll team take care of the payroll side of this for you, ensuring that all employee data is entered accurately and on time for their pay day.

          4. Provide honest payroll support and advice

          We don’t call ourselves gurus for nothing. Our team have a wealth of experience working in payroll, with many starting their careers as Payroll Clerks and moving up the payroll ladder. This means that we will always give you open and honest advice about your payroll. Think of our payroll team as your in-house payroll team, you can contact us at any time and no question is too small.

            5. Peace of mind

            Our Managed Payroll Service takes the hassle out of doing your own payroll. You can rely on us and rest assured that your employees will be paid accurately and on time. This takes the pressure off and gives you more time to focus on business continuity.

              How efficient is your payroll? Discover how you can become more agile and efficient with a free virtual payroll audit. Click here.

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