2018 is all about Digitising your HR Function

18 April 2018

International Payroll

Driverless vehicles, bots that engage with customers at banks, bionic hands that ‘see’ via in-built cameras – there’s no doubt that 2017 was an exciting year for technological advances. But 2018 is the year when many innovative technologies are expected to fulfil their potential, and chief among these are those enabling the digitisation of human resources. Autonomous Vehicles And Smart Warehouses Are So Last Year – 2018 Is All About Digitising Your HR Function. Hear from our CEO Steven Van Hoorebeke during an interview with The Business Debate.

As the leading European player in payroll and HR, with more than 65,000 customers worldwide, SD Worx believes digitisation enables HR to finally cut loose from these ‘administration shackles’ and focus on creating value for the business. We are ready to deliver innovative solutions with an exceptional digital customer experience that ultimately makes our working lives simpler. This is not something that is a few years away. It is happening now.

For example, the digitisation of repetitive data-heavy processes results in fewer errors and quicker results. By using data analytics, we can actively detect anomalies as well as opportunities for our customers to save money, or to improve their internal processes and gain efficiency in areas such as workforce planning, recruitment and reducing absenteeism.

One of the biggest retailers used our predictive analytics solution to renew their work/study contracts more effectively. By forecasting contracts over a three-year timeframe, it’s now quicker and easier for students to get a job interview, while the retailer’s managers benefit from smoother recruitment planning, accurate and timely in-store staffing and cost optimisation.

An article in December’s CIO Journal noted that, after a year of pilot projects, chief information officers expect to deploy technologies such as machine learning and AI more widely in 2018 to “automate repetitive tasks and augment human workers”.

At SD Worx we are going beyond the simple digitisation of existing HR processes. We are rethinking HR services altogether, focusing both on the individual and the workforce, while always preserving the balance between automated and human service. We invite you to innovate with us. Get in touch with us and let’s build the future today.

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