8 August 2017


As employees have access to the latest technology in their everyday life, it’s important for employers to try and keep up with developments.

Below we focus on some of the broader benefits of having a state of the art integrated HR solution deployed across an organisation, for the HR team, but in particular employees; and pull out some key features of the latest release of our HR & Payroll software solution.

Look & Feel 

One of the significant changes we have made to HRevolution is the look and feel.

The new design and simplicity of HRevolution makes it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for quickly. Gone are the days of opening new browser windows for all of the modules; now everything can be accessed from one page which makes it extremely user friendly and intuitive – meaning there is minimal need for employee and manager training while ensuring all the relevant information is no more than a click away. 

At a recent HR Software Show, one leading retailer said:

It is the best product we have seen at the show.


With HRevolution all managers and employees can access their personal details, documents, and reports via the ‘cloud’. So, with the knowledge it’s safe and secure to go online from any computer with an internet connection, your workforce can retrieve what they need, when they need it.

We have also introduced improved browser capability, so HRevolution is now accessible on both the PC and Mac, and can be viewed with a number or different web browsers ensuring employees will have no compatibility issues while accessing HRevolution at home.


To make routine HR tasks more accessible for everyone, and take Self-Service even further, we have also introduced a new web app, so managers and employees can book holidays, update their details and see payslips on the go.

These enhancements are helping to boost the experience employees have with HR in their organisations, increase employee engagement, and raise the profile of HR across the business.

To learn more about how the latest release of HRevolution can help your organisation, call us on on 0800 0482 737 or contact us online.

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