5 Peaks; it’s all about the teamwork

4 July 2016


On Thursday 23rd June 2016, a team of 25 SD Worx colleagues completed #5Peaks4PayBack, the epic challenge of walking the UK 5 Peaks challenge in 48 hours. In doing so, the team drove 2600km and walked 55km, raising a record breaking £30,100 in the process for The PayBack Foundation.

Looking back on the experience, it was one of the best displays of teamwork that I have been a part of. There is no way that we could have completed the challenge without working together from start to finish. It was incredibly tough and rewarding for everyone involved; I personally could not be more proud to have completed this challenge with such a fantastic team of people.

What makes a successful team?

Teamwork is one of my personal core values, and so I am constantly on the search for ways to be a better teammate to people around me. Here are some of the most valuable things I took away from this experience.

Have one common goal.
The goal for this challenge was clear: complete the 5 peaks safely, and raise as much as we can so PayBack can help more families. Having a common goal provides a sense of unified purpose and direction that the team can get behind. Taking that one step further, having a goal that everyone buys into makes a team even stronger. The sheer passion and energy everyone had was poured into this challenge, which is why it was a record breaking achievement in so many ways. Everybody was firmly committed to helping their teammates stay safe out on the peaks, and doing everything possible to raise money for the beneficiaries of PayBack.

Everyone has a role to play.
Like a popular music group, it can be easy to think that one person has a more important part to play than everyone else in the team. However, there are many roles within a successful team, and each role makes an equally important contribution. During the challenge we had a very determined (and tired!) team of walkers who scaled the five peaks, a truly astounding achievement. This was made possible by an equally determined (and tired!) team of drivers who ensure the walkers reached each peak safely and on time. On top of that are the colleagues who helped to walk a peak or make food en-route, not to mention the hundreds of people who donated to PayBack, making it all worthwhile.

Our success was made possible by every person who played one of these roles. A successful team must play to each other’s strengths and allow everyone to perform their role.

There really is no “I” in team.
One team is always better than a group of individuals. Whilst ascending the peaks, different people took it in turns to lead the group and bring up the rear, whilst everybody encouraged each other when the going got tough. Whilst driving, the drivers kept each other going with much needed words of encouragement. A highly effective team goes far beyond what people can achieve individually, and this team effort is what made our success possible.

Trust is key.
Trust is essential to building a strong team; things could have gone bad very quickly had people started to doubt each other’s abilities on a peak during the dead of night. Whilst scaling the peaks and driving thousands of miles, all under the pressures of time and lack of sleep, we had to trust in our team mates to play their part and take the lead accordingly.

So what’s my biggest tip from this amazing adventure? Wherever you can, revel in the pleasure of working together and succeeding as a team; it’s one of the most rewarding feelings you’ll ever get!

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