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23 November 2015


We are getting ready for our annual conference and wanted to share some strategies to help you make the most out of the biggest event in the HR, Payroll and Workforce Management Calendar! More information about Ceridian Conference 2016.

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1. Familiarise yourself with the agenda

Once the conference starts, everything is going to happen fast! Prepare beforehand by reviewing the agenda, familiarise yourself with the layout, identify the events and sessions you really want to attend and map out a plan. If you prepare well in advance, you’ll thank yourself later. View agenda.

2. Connect with us on Social Media

Use social media to your benefit before, during and after conference. Join the conversation using #WorkLifeTransforms., and look out for key information people are discussing. Many attendees will “live-tweet” from sessions they are in. Following the conference hash tag is a great way to stay up to date with pre-conference announcements and catch up on themes you may have missed during the event. Follow us on Twitter.

3. Bring a conference Buddy

Often with big events, you can’t attend every session on the schedule and there will be a lot of activities going on. If you don’t want to miss your desired sessions, ask a colleague to come along and split the sessions with you. That way you can both take notes and share information. Invite a Colleague

4. Download the Conference App

Look out for our mobile phone app which will be released ahead of the event. The app will contain useful information about our attendees, speakers and will help you keep on top of everything that is happening. It is also a great tool for identifying people to network with.

5. Network with the right people

An important part of any conference is finding key people to connect with. Don’t just hand them a business card, introduce yourself and spark a conversation, you may also want to follow up after the conference with an email or a note on LinkedIn.

6. Check out the other activities

Not everything will be happening in the main room. Take advantage of other activities going on, walk around the venue, interact with the exhibitors and enter our competitions.

7. Gather and share information

With a day full of speakers and sessions, there’s a lot to take in – and you’re probably not going to remember all of it when you get home. At the end of each session, write down your key takeaways and any follow-up you want to do on the topic.

8. Let your hair down!

What better way to sum up the day than with post conference drinks? Ceridian Conference 2016 provides you with the opportunity to connect with people in a more relaxed setting.

Find out more information about Conference 2016

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