An eventful four weeks at SD Worx

6 July 2015

Work Experience

Event Management
Everyone has some far-fetched ideas of their future careers as a child; Astronaut, Celebrity, but not often does a child say 'Event Manager' - I certainly didn't. In fact, it wasn't until a year before I was due to go to university that the idea was suggested to me. At this point, I wasn't aware event management was a career, let alone a degree. It took me approximately five minutes to begin researching the concept and twenty before I was booking myself onto open days. I'd been searching for a vocation that would suit me for a while and this was my 'eureka' moment!

Both socially and academically, my first year at the University of Winchester was much like rowing a boat with no oars. I found out quickly that the experience was much easier if I let the current take me to where I needed to be. The most important thing I learnt was that the career path I have chosen is extremely hands-on and qualities such as 'working well under pressure' and 'organisation' are vital to succeed as an Event Manager, yet cannot be learnt in a lecture theatre. A degree can only take me so far in events and it was this thought that led me to apply for a work placement at SD Worx.

My Time at SD Worx
It was with shaky legs and sweaty palms that I stumbled into the SD Worx UK & Ireland Headquarters in Reading on May 2015. It doesn't take much to make me nervous, and a work placement was undoubtedly out of my comfort zone. However, it took no time at all for this feeling to evaporate.The warm welcome from the SD Worx team upon arrival was enough to keep this feeling at bay throughout my entire placement. I settled into the calm and hardworking environment quickly and began to learn everything I felt I wouldn't from my degree. Most placements for people my age usually involve making tea and photocopying, but SD Worx was an eye-opening experience into the real world of work. The marketing team felt comfortable giving me a number of roles and responsibilities, determined to help me get as much out of my time there as possible.

Before SD Worx, my work experience was somewhat limited; I'd never had the chance to stay with a company for a long period of time and get heavily involved in the organisation of their events. This placement has provided me with the opportunity to see different events in all stages of development; I've attended the very first meeting for an event and I've been caught up in the, slightly frantic, few days before an event is executed. Overall I've helped with three events, two of which I was able to attend. SD Worx was an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience that passed in the blink of an eye. I will be able to take what I have learnt into my second year at university and approach my studies with a certain confidence I didn't possess four weeks ago.

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