Leadership thoughts on SD Worx Acquiring Ceridian UK & Ireland

17 June 2016


Following the recent announcement that SD Worx, a European leading provider of HR and Payroll have completed the purchase of the entire issued share capital of Ceridian UK and Ceridian Ireland, our leadership team share their thoughts about this exciting acquisition and what it means for our future.

Here is what our senior leaders had to say:

“This partnership and purchase entirely fit within our strategy to continue our international growth and to strengthen our market position. Ceridian UK and Ireland are strong companies known for their excellent customer service and firm customer base. Dayforce is a high-quality product with a great market reputation. There is a strong need for reliable and robust HR software that can be easily interfaced with existing systems, such as payroll. Ceridian UK and Ireland offer a single platform for payroll, HR and time and attendance, so clients can benefit from a high-level of efficiency. We therefore absolutely believe in this company, its clients, staff, products and services.” – Steven Van Hoorebeke, CEO of SD Worx Group

“This partnership is a natural fit for our cloud growth strategy. Through SD Worx, we gain deep domain knowledge and regional expertise for global platform expansion and service delivery, and increased distribution throughout Europe and the UK. We are very excited with the investment and growth opportunities this partnership presents us with.” – David Ossip, Chairman and CEO of Ceridian

“The acquisition as well as the reseller agreement, is a ‘win-win’ for both companies. Ceridian UK’s firm market position in managed payroll is strongly aligned with SD Worx’ portfolio and strong footprint in Europe. We expect business synergies to accelerate our growth. The reseller agreement further refines our global growth focus on our cloud strategy led by our award-winning Dayforce platform. The Dayforce technology has already attracted and signed large global clients and we expect that portfolio to continue to grow. Ceridian will continue to invest and grow the capabilities of the Dayforce platform to serve global customers.” – Doug Sawers, Managing Director of SD Worx UK & Ireland Hear more from Doug

“We are excited about this win-win partnership between Ceridian and SD Worx. Through this partnership, both companies will grow revenue significantly in Europe – more than each company can achieve on its own. In Mauritius, Ceridian and SD Worx will work closely in many areas. SD Worx will leverage Ceridian Learning Center to upskill their human capital and build talent pipeline. We will also collaborate in our community outreach for disadvantaged children through Payback Foundation. We are proud that we have attracted Europe’s number 2 in Payroll and HR to Mauritius. SD Worx will expand their Mauritius operations to serve other European countries.” – Vidia Mooneegan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Ceridian Mauritius

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