My Graduate Journey

26 October 2015

Work Experience

August 2015: having graduated from University two months earlier, I was midway through working my final week for an organisation that I’d been in for 8 years. I had decided to do two of the most stressful things I could think of – move to a new city and start a new job.

Questioning the ‘big’ life choices we make is normal, especially those that involve leaving behind our support network, because for these endeavours, it feels as though we will succeed or fail all on our own. Despite this, embarking on a fresh challenge – independent from family and friends – is something that I have found to be mostly exciting, fun and motivating! As expected, some days have been a bit of a mixed bag; such as having your excitement at the prospect of training at a new kickboxing club rapidly decline, as you realise that later that night you’re going to have to play the ‘private parking space’ lottery with your new neighbours for a second time in one day!

An Opportunity Earned
Whilst reflecting on the life-changing choice I’d made, I found it helpful to remember that these opportunities don’t tend to just come around, they’re usually earned – and through this, I was reassured and motivated by the realisation that success in this next chapter of my career was entirely within my capability… and I couldn’t wait to begin.

First Month
October 2015: I have been an SD Worx Graduate Software Engineer for an entire month already.

My first four weeks at SD Worx were spent attending system demonstrations, completing e-learning tasks, software development training, and a number of other activities to complete my induction. I also experienced a number of events which include the biennial Technology Roadshow, Staff Engagement Survey and our team Bowling Night (evidently, I wasn’t hired on account of my bowling skills).

Reflecting on my first month, I was inspired by how SD Worx continuously maintain a productive and high-performing culture by looking-after and appreciating their staff, providing ample opportunity for career development.

For me, it is the little things that matter; staff being notified and encouraged to apply for internal opportunities, freebies like a hot beverage and biscuit to brighten our day, cash incentives being offered for successful recommendations of external candidates, staff and teams being recognised for extraordinary efforts. It is evident that as an organisation, SD Worx take pride in living their values.

What’s Next?
With around 5 weeks at SD Worx completed, I am close to beginning the first rotation of the Graduate Technology Programme. I’ll be seconded to implementation in order to gain insight into the complete process. Before this begins, I will continue to shadow some of my colleagues in order to learn about the type of defects they are fixing and improve my working knowledge of the products.

It has been a quick first month; I feel that I am fitting in well with the Culture and have learned a lot. Keep an eye out for my next blog entry where I’ll be providing an update of my progress at SD Worx.

If you have the skills, experience and character to make a positive impact at SD Worx, we’d love to hear from you.

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