My Graduate Journey, part 2

9 May 2016

Work Experience

New Year, Same Me
The beginning of a new year is usually the time when people endeavour to rid themselves of unhealthy habits and set themselves a list of goals to aim for throughout the year – myself included. This year however I’ve decided on doing something a little different by aiming to ‘just’ have as successful a year as the last. I have some goals in-mind however I haven’t written them down and I’m happy with the ‘if they happen, they happen’ approach because I know if I maintain the effort levels set in 2015, then even if I don’t hit any of my planned targets, I’ll definitely still be on-track to have another exciting year.

January – Present
2016 has begun as fast paced as 2015 ended; I’m now fully managing my own development workload, and some of the completed tasks to date include developing a mobile API, enhancing an xml form parsing framework, introducing new employee-profile access authorisations and numerous bug fixes.

In addition to this, I also presented at the first Technology Roadshow of 2016 as a ‘Gold Medal Winning Performer’, talking about the application process leading to my appointment at SD Worx and a bit about how our Team are putting in this kind of performance every day – whether that’s showing optimism about recent learning at weekly Knowledge Transfer sessions, or being agile enough to schedule GoTo Meetings at unsociable hours with HR Dev Team! It’s all part of the same thing, being a High Performing Team consisting of high performing individuals. The day was a great mix of technology updates, presentations from Gold Medal Winning Performers and Team building activities.

In the afternoon we broke-out into groups and created our own movie using small toys to convey various aspects of the customer interaction and how we’ve overcame challenges to improve customer relations. This was a fun exercise to get everyone working together which resulted in a real feeling of positivity about how we’ve dealt with some of the issues that were touched upon.

Conference, March 2016
A colleague and I attended this year’s Conference. For the 20th year of hosting this event, the theme of day was ‘The Future of Work’, consisting in a variety of different sessions which addressed topics such as, the benefits technology can bring to an aging workforce, the desire for a portable, seamless user experience and the challenges that an uncertain political landscape can bring for payroll providers. As a table host, I was lucky enough to be positioned within the Grand Ballroom for the majority of the day and able to take-in a panel discussion with some of the industry’s most experienced speakers.

I think the thing that impressed me most about the conference was how genuinely passionate and positive the entire SD Worx team were about the event, our products and the organisation. The fact that so many current and prospective customers took the time to praise the atmosphere and energy of the day is a huge compliment, especially when you consider that they were competing for honours with a laser-violinist, free massages, PayBack challenges and live entertainment at post conference drinks!

The first 6 months of the Graduate Technology Programme are now complete and in summary, I feel like I’ve exceeded what my own expectations were for myself at this stage of the programme, in terms of personal and professional development. I believe the key to this has been ‘opportunity’ – a consistent theme throughout this blog so far. At the minute, the main focus for the remainder of 2016 is going to be software development, where I’ll be aiming to develop my technical skills further throughout all areas of the HR domain within our products.

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