My Internship at SD Worx

19 September 2016

Work Experience

During my internship at SD Worx, I was given the opportunity to contribute to various marketing events and occurrences that I am certain will help to aid my future. Having joined at an interesting time with the company acquisition taking place; in this blog I share my journey at SD Worx and the experiences that I have learnt so far.

SD Worx Culture and Values

A major thing that was apparent every day is the genuine culture of the working environment. Everyone I met during my internship – from all levels of the company – was warm and welcoming, and always happy to engage in conversation. I had a number of one-to-one meetings with individual colleagues, and they were intrigued about me as much as I was of them and their roles.


In my short period at SD Worx, I learnt a great value of experience and knowledge. Having real life involvement with projects alongside day-to-day activities was really exciting. I experienced a variety of social media activities, event support, direct e-mail communications, campaign progression, e-mail design and coding, market research, data collection and much more. The major project, which really excited me, was the acquisition of Ceridian UK & Ireland by SD Worx; I feel very lucky to have witnessed this occurrence. This was great from a marketing perspective, with re-branding and other marketing opportunities going on. I thoroughly enjoyed this as it got my mind working about strategies; time plans, branding ideas, campaigns and more.


Before I joined SD Worx, I wasn’t aware of the important role that communications played both internally and externally. This reiterates the common outlook that hands-on experience is necessary. The balance of education and work experience is something I fully believe in. I did enjoy the balance between marketing and communications and the difference in activity these encompass.


Luckily, I arrived at SD Worx at a really good time. Two major events happened during my time here; the first was a professional networking event. This was a really interesting experience for me and a great opportunity as I got to meet various people within the industry. The second event was the HR Software Show in Olympia, London. This event brought together major organisations within the human resource and payroll industry, with lots of roles being played and showcasing our software, it helped give me a holistic view of the workings.


Before my time at SD Worx, I had not done any other work experience in a company like this. SD Worx has really helped me develop myself into a real working world. Furthermore, I’ve been able to see the development of brand and marketing projects and how they work alongside events and contribute to the business’s overall aims and objectives. I’ll be able to return to university for my last year with a lot more industry knowledge, this will definitely aid my future learning.

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