Q&A with Doug Sawers: SD Worx Acquiring Ceridian UK & Ireland

21 June 2016

Workforce Management

Following the company announcement made last week, hear from our UK and Ireland Managing Director, Doug Sawers, answer some key questions about what this acquisition means for our customer, our colleagues and our future.

1. What does this exciting company announcement mean for our customers?

Our customers will now have access to the best of two great companies. Existing customer have nothing to be concerned about; they will have access to the same service, people, approach and products that they enjoy – with more investment. Many of our customers want more from us from an international basis, and with SD Worx, we are able to strengthen our European market – a major opportunity for us to broaden our penetration with our customers.

Ceridian has had partnerships across much of Europe and the world, we’ll now have more of our own entities. I have lost count of the number of customers who have asked me over the years if we can support them in other European countries – and we can now open the door for this type of support.

Existing customers do not need to worry about the exciting new product software that’s coming from Ceridian Dayforce. It will be a real part of our future and will not stop. We will have a more coordinated approach to cover more countries, even faster, with a broader range of services. The two companies focus on 2 different things; Ceridian focuses on cloud software, and SD Worx focuses on high levels of services, primarily through managed approach – combined, these aspects are very complimentary.

For many of our customers this means no change; and for a significant number of our customers it means more opportunity.

2. What benefits does this acquisition bring?

Benefits are broad – SD Worx organisation in Europe is a real alternative to some of our rivals, that is a great opportunity for our customers and our market.

From a colleague perspective, SD Worx Group feels like a family already because our cultures are very similar. We don’t all speak the same language but there is a common understanding of the complex European market which will be helped significantly by bringing together the two companies. Mauritius UK & Ireland support is within the deal, and we’re very excited to have their expertise on board now, which is available to an increased number of European countries in the future.

The sheer scale on the European side is another huge benefit for us, we’re now a €400 million organisation with 3,500 global colleagues. That brings together a lot of very talented and brilliant people within the industry.

3. How do the two company values and cultures align?

This was a rather pleasant surprise, the two sets of values are so similar and the meaning is almost identical. The common focus is on customers, innovation, integrity and the value of colleague anticipation. The call to action nature of both values are parallel, it is quite remarkable. This is going to make things a lot easier, both in the short and midterm.

4. Are there further expansion plans for SD Worx in the future?

I think SD Worx will continue to grow. Generic growth is pretty much assured with these acquisitions, but beyond that I suspect there may be a pause after the recent acquisitions which is a lot for any company to digest. SD Worx has more than doubled in size in just 4 months, it is now time for absorption and alignment. I think SD Worx will look to increase its coverage again at some point in the future.

5. How will the relationship between SD Worx and Ceridian HCM continue?

SD Worx and Ceridian have been working together for some time, and it now really accelerates as we continue to work even closer.

The partnership is both ways; SD Worx’s ability to implement Dayforce products for Ceridian, and Ceridian’s easy access to SD Worx’s managed services across many countries in Europe. There will be regular partnership meetings and strategy discussions, the companies will combine in their thinking to bring the local market expertise of SD Worx to the global software approach of Ceridian. This will be a strong feature for many years to come; an overall great opportunity to succeed in the industry because I think the market needs it.

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