Work Experience at SD Worx

28 July 2017

Work Experience


I started my week of work experience at a digital marketing agency with the intention to find out more about what working in an agency would entail, and hopefully to get insight to an option for future work. I was excited to come to work as I had never previously been in a working environment.

The start of my week…

With my hair up, favourite clothes on, pen and notebook in my bag, I was ready to start the week. I walked in to the office with an eager smile on my face and my mum by my side for support. I looked around and the building was not at all as I imagined. It was spacious, nicely lit and not as many people as I imagined being there. This was better than I had hoped. Mum and I sat waiting on the chairs not really knowing what to do next but thankfully we were soon greeted by the team who looked after me for the three days I spent there. They were lovely and welcoming which really helped to start off the week.

I was given a schedule with many different tasks to undertake. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort put into preparing my workload. Not only was I given a lot to do but there was also a variety of activities which gave me a much wider understanding of the agency than I had anticipated. It was fascinating to learn about the digital role because I had only considered design work, and learnt a lot about various design software. My favourite aspect about my time there was the calm and friendly atmosphere. I had never considered an agency to be a place of ‘fun’ whereas I loved every minute and had a wonderful time. I definitely benefited from the experience there and I would now strongly consider working in an agency.

My time at SD Worx

After ending my time there on a high, I started at SD Worx – a place I never would have considered working. I am passionate about art and design and didn’t think that could be incorporated within a payroll and HR company. Well, I was wrong!

I was quickly welcomed and made to feel comfortable. Most importantly, I relished the work provided. Kindly, they assured themselves to get to know me as person and set work which I would enjoy when the easy option would be to simply sit me down with a computer and forget about me.

Lunchtime activities

At lunch breaks, the staff relinquished their only break of their day to entertain me by doing different activities. Firstly, we went rowing together (there are rowing boats outside the office!) which was great fun! Again, they had considered that I row for a local club and knew this would appeal to me. It was about 30°C, the water was still and it looked beautiful. What’s all this I hear about work that’s supposed to be miserable?

The next day we went cycling which was equally as brilliant. We went on this tranquil route topping off yet another great lunchtime activity. The work I was set consisted of designing and creating an alternative infographic to the existing one used on the website. This task was fun because it involved designing which I am passionate about, and exciting because it was done digitally, which I’m not used to. This week has, without a doubt, been a success and I have the kind and dedicated work experience colleagues to thank. Who knew work could be so enjoyable?


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