A day in the life of a Payroll Manager

1 September 2017

Year on year, Payroll accounts for an ever-increasing contribution to the UK economy through Tax and National Insurance. This week, in partnership with CIPP, we're celebrating the impact of payroll on business.

So, in celebration of National Payroll week, we spoke with Lisa Brew, nominee for CIPP’s Payroll Professional of the Year 2017, to gain insight as to what a day in the life of a Payroll Manager entails.

Q: What’s a typical week like for a Payroll Manager?

A: Ensuring that my team deliver a great service to our customers whilst liaising with many internal departments. I also work closely with other Operations Team Mangers, supporting each other. I ensure that my team are continuously developing which is really important to me especially as my team consist of around 40% trainees, and most importantly driving engagement in my team which I do predominantly by being part of the internal Fun@Worx team; creating and planning fun and engaging activities for colleagues to participate in!

Q: Is it challenging keeping on top of new payroll updates and regulations?

A: Absolutely! However, that’s also part of the reason I love my job! Payroll is an ever-changing role because legislation changes all the time and there’s always new case laws that peak your interest and make you wonder if that case will result in a change in legislation.

There are many ways that I keep up to date with the changes; the most prominent is reading all the useful information and releases provided by CIPP, and also the SD Worx legislation updates – both are very useful and help me keep on top of changes.

Q: How did you become an expert in Payroll?

A: Payroll can be very complex. There are so many systems and so much legislation, not to mention the 1000’s of customers that we serve, each one processes their payroll differently.

I’ve been really lucky to have a fantastic team around me to support my learnings and development from being a trainee. Sharing knowledge is absolutely key. I’ve also been keen and motivated to complete my CIPP Foundation Degree in Payroll Management as I’m a firm believer of continuous development. By studying alongside work, it gets me closer to being a payroll expert.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect about payroll that’s worth celebrating during National Payroll Week?

A: Our people. I’m sure most of our colleagues, friends and family have departments in their place of work where they’re not quite sure what that department does. By celebrating National Payroll Week we’re shouting about our people and the service that they provide as well as sharing knowledge about payroll. We’re educating as many people as we can about what payroll is and why we love it, which we must do, I’m not sure I can think of many other careers that celebrate themselves for a week! Our people are what makes our payroll service so great and let’s be honest they deserve a week all about them!

Q: What is your advice for someone considering a career in payroll? 

A: I am sure there are few people who grow up aspiring to work in Payroll. However, honestly it’s the most rewarding and challenging career I have ever had. The constant, ever-changing world of payroll really keeps me on my toes! There’s always something new to learn, or new projects to be involved with.

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