Your Payroll Team vs Our Payroll Pioneers

12 June 2020 - Reading time: 6 Minutes

Payroll is essential to the success of your business. You can’t afford to get it wrong. So why would you settle for anything less than perfect?

A small in-house team can just about cope with the requirements and complexities of running your payroll, but you lack confidence in their capabilities when it comes to future growth. You’d love to upskill every member of the team and enhance their payroll expertise, but there simply isn’t enough time or budget available. Your team don’t have the time to learn and develop because they are solely focused on the tasks around processing payroll. Keeping on top of HMRC requirements and changing legislation is a full-time job and your employees are constantly struggling to stay on top of processes to remain accurate and compliant. Plus, when someone leaves the team, you’ll lose a wealth of payroll knowledge and will be back to square one.

Time to make your move

There is a better alternative. Moving to our managed payroll service can save you time, reduce your total cost of ownership and improve accuracy, compliance and security. Plus, outsourcing your payroll can empower your staff, relieving them from manual, repetitive or frustrating tasks like checking accuracy and answering employee queries.

Our Payroll Pioneers are among the most knowledgeable and influential out there. We don’t just keep pace with the ever-changing industry, we actively contribute to and influence the direction of policy and best practice. We continuously invest in and influence the future of payroll and how it’s delivered by our partners, helping you to innovate, evolve and engage with your people. Our managed payroll service gives you the best of both worlds; market-leading payroll software delivered by exceptional payroll professionals.

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