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So Much More Than Payroll: Employer Responsibility in the Modern Workforce

News of poor payroll can spread like wildfire. The sign of a good payroll function is often that it takes place quietly in the background. If it goes wrong however, it can have a catastrophic impact on both employees and the business as a whole.

Work Experience

Work Experience at SD Worx

I started my week of work experience at a digital marketing agency with the intention to find out more about what working in an agency would entail, and hopefully to get insight to an option for future work. I was excited to come to work as I had never previously been in a working environment.

Work Experience

My Internship at SD Worx

During my internship at SD Worx, I was given the opportunity to contribute to various marketing events and occurrences that I am certain will help to aid my future. Having joined at an interesting time with the company acquisition taking place; in this blog I share my journey at SD Worx and the experiences that I have learnt so far...

Work Experience

My Graduate Journey, part 2

Another blog; another move. It seems like every time I write a blog update, I’ve moved house – maybe that suggests I should be writing blogs more often, or moving less. The family and friends who have helped me to relocate for the second time in 7 months would definitely agree with the latter! In this blog entry, I continue to share my journey at SD Worx as a graduate and what I have achieved so far...

Work Experience

My Graduate Journey

Questioning the ‘big’ life choices we make is normal, especially those that involve leaving behind our support network, because for these endeavours, it feels as though we will succeed or fail all on our own.

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