How to get more done in 12 weeks than in a whole year

Have you ever felt that you and your team could achieve more, be more productive and efficient at work, but every time you started, you get caught up in the detail and lose that laser-sharp focus? Even from a personal perspective, you want to explore a new health-kick, but life just keeps getting in the way? Well this blog for you...


Egos are not present within our business: A reflection of BKO 2018

As a Business Development Manager, I am often invited to most company events. Certainly anything client or prospect facing, and usually internal gatherings too. The SD Worx Business Kick Off 2018 was no different. Hosted in Manchester over the course of 2 days, we had a packed agenda and over a hundred colleagues in attendance, all ready to be WOW’ed.


The new era of HR: digital transformation

With the aim to build a model employee experience, HR departments are compelled to rewrite the rules by revolutionising talent practices. Human resource management is designed to maximise staff performance, and the HR department should be a key component in an organisation’s digital transformation.


The Path to Gold (Part 2 of 2)

Traditionally in a relay, the fastest team member goes last, with the second fastest giving the team a good start at the front. The other two run or swim in the middle section of the race. A smooth baton changeover is usually seen as essential to a good race – and is often where it is won or lost.


The path to gold: how better team building can put you in front

“Stand still and the rest of the world will walk past you,” said Marc Woods, speaking in February 2017. However, doing nothing would have been very easy for this particular speaker. When Marc was aged 17, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and subsequently had his left leg amputated below the knee.

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