Workforce Management

Out of office: How to prepare for holiday leave this summer

With summer just around the corner, businesses face the inevitable yearly challenge of balancing an influx of annual leave requests with keeping the company running at full capacity. Absence management is a vital, yet often overlooked part of running a business – get it wrong and the impact of summer holidays can last all year round.


The Living Wage: Engagement, Efficiency and Empowerment

I just don’t understand why organisations do not see the Living Wage, and I mean the Living Wage, NOT the government’s rebranded minimum wage (National Living Wage), as an *opportunity*. This is an opportunity to increase “engagement”, “efficiency” and to “empower” employees. Yet far too many organisations just see it as yet another cost they have to accommodate.


Using Analytics and AI to Build a Better HR Strategy

More than anything, this year’s data highlights the need for a new and more agile approach to HR. Conservative strategies simply aren’t going to cut it going forwards, because by the time the ink is dry, things will have moved on. Increasing business agility is now the #2 business driver for 86% of HR professionals, second only to increasing performance and profitability.


Where to start when implementing a T&A system - Part 1

This article covers all aspects of T&A functionality ranging from how to create effective workload plans, building rosters, collecting and validating variable time information, implementing business and legislative validation, and finally ensuring correct payments to employees by integrating with an industry-leading payroll solution.


Pick n Mix - How to reward your employees! Part 2

How do UK businesses tend to approach reward currently? Is there a shift in approach and if so, what is causing this?

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