Payroll of the future: personalised technology

A recent ‘Workplace of the Future’ survey of 250 industry professionals revealed that 88% of CFOs and CHROs expect an increase in payroll technology investment by 2025. Why? The world of work is changing rapidly and to prepare for the workforce of the future, businesses must start adapting, quickly.

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Strategic data: unlocking HR's secret weapon

Businesses are failing to recognise the importance of data managed by HR teams. Equally HR professionals are not yet skilled enough in data to harness its power and help secure their future strategic function within an organisation. Something has to change.

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A wake-up call from the future

Everyone remembers the technology from their youth, in my case the 80’s and 90’s. I grew up with mobile phones becoming a must have commodity, with the accompanying generation of speed texters. I also grew up with the emergence of the first affordable home PC, allowing me and my friends the opportunity to explore that new ‘thing’ called the internet.


Using Analytics and AI to Build a Better HR Strategy

More than anything, this year’s data highlights the need for a new and more agile approach to HR. Conservative strategies simply aren’t going to cut it going forwards, because by the time the ink is dry, things will have moved on. Increasing business agility is now the #2 business driver for 86% of HR professionals, second only to increasing performance and profitability.


Where to start when implementing a T&A system - Part 1

This article covers all aspects of T&A functionality ranging from how to create effective workload plans, building rosters, collecting and validating variable time information, implementing business and legislative validation, and finally ensuring correct payments to employees by integrating with an industry-leading payroll solution.

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