Payroll Outsourcing – Payroll Implementation Process

Here are our simple steps to ensuring a successful payroll implementation process when transitioning to a payroll outsourcing partner.

Outsourcing payroll costs_SDWorx

In-house vs outsourcing payroll costs – is outsourcing payroll cost effective?

If you’re wondering whether outsourcing payroll costs less than using an in-house team, take a look at all the ways outsourcing can be more cost effective.

Making the case for Outsourcing Payroll with SD Worx and Capgemini

Making the case for outsourcing payroll

During May, we hosted a series of virtual roundtables with a range of Heads of HR and Payroll. Whilst the conversations were wide ranging, in this article we will summarise a few of the key topics discussed and the conclusions reached.

3 Reasons To Automate Your T&E Spend Process

3 reasons to automate your T&E spend process

This blog explores how automating your travel and expense spend process is essential for your business. Maximise your returns and minimise your spend with no or low added value, saving you both time and money.

Hotel ibis Arlon

Hotel ibis Styles Arlon: from member of a large group to autonomous small structure

Changes of ownership have brought their share of challenges to Hotel ibis Styles Arlon, particularly in terms of HR. Today, the focus is on stability, even in working hours. The result: highly committed staff, relatively low staff turnover and loyal customers.

How to write a winning business case for outsourced payroll/How to write a winning business case

How to write a winning business case for outsourced payroll [Free business case template]

In this practical guide, we’ll break down the process of writing a business case for moving to outsourced payroll into bite-sized chunks and provide you with practical tips when it comes to managing the process and presenting your case. We’ve also included a handy template for you to follow.

Simple way to outsource payroll

The complete guide to outsourcing your payroll in 2021 [Free 121 business case support]

This guide will walk you through the process of outsourcing your payroll and show you how unexpectedly simple moving to managed payroll can be.

Switching payroll providers in 2021_SDWorx

Switching payroll for 2021 and beyond: What does a great provider offer?

Even if your payroll provider seems to be doing a good job, is it good enough? Are they primed to look after and optimise your payroll in 2021 and beyond? This helpful guide walks you through why it’s important to review payroll providers as we head into the ‘never normal’.

Automated expense management software could help businesses get grip on compliance

How Expense Software Ensures Better Compliance

This blog uncovers how an automated Expense Management solution supports your organisation in achieving compliance with spend policies, travel policies and even regulatory requirements, gifting you with a more hands-free approach to employee expenses.

Head shots of Payroll Question Time panelists V2

Celebrating one year of Payroll Question Time

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Payroll Question time, we spoke to the panelists about how the industry has changed in the last 12 months, what HR and payroll professionals need to focus on in 2021 and beyond, and what’s next for Payroll Question Time?

Young woman looking happy at mobile phone

Why digital maturity is integral to the employee experience

This blog explores how digital HR can influence the entire employee lifecycle, creating innovative experiences to help every employee excel.

Young man wearing glasses holding and looking at his phone

Why HR analytics holds the key to evidence-based decision-making across the business

This blog explores the insights a modern people solution can bring to the wider business, overcoming the limitations of legacy systems for confident, agile decision-making.

Young woman in interview shaking hand of colleague

Strategic HR: How talent technology is revolutionising the game

Organisations vary in maturity regarding talent technology implementation. This blog explores the solutions available to attract, recruit, train and retain top talent in the ever-changing workplace, contributing to an agile reinvention of HR.

HR management
Man relaxing in airport lounge and speaking on the phone

Why automated travel and expense management is one of the most profitable process optimisations

For businesses looking to improve their core HR and people solutions, this blog explores the digitisation of travel and expense management and how it optimises several business areas.

Group of male employees around a table at work

How payroll influences the entire employee lifecycle

In this blog, we outline how payroll influences the entire employee lifecycle and how a strategic approach can be the driver for change in your business or organisation.  

Everything you need to know about moving to Managed Payroll

Everything you need to know about moving to Managed Payroll

Misconceptions around payroll outsourcing could be holding back your business. Our customers find that moving to a managed payroll service pays them back dividends, driving productivity, increasing ROI and giving payroll teams the opportunity to focus on strategic rather than tactical initiatives.

We understand that managed payroll can be a daunting topic, so we’ve put together some useful information to help you make an informed choice about your payroll strategy.

Young woman working at office at home

Post-pandemic HR: Mastering remote workforce management (WFM)

This blog outlines how HR teams can master HR through remote workforce management (WFM) and thrive in the ‘new normal’.


Show your employees what they really earn

Offering an interesting and competitive pay package, but not highlighting it afterwards, is a bit like a rainbow in the dark. As not even half of employees regularly look at their payslip, many will undoubtedly lose sight of what they actually earn. Pointlogic's software package inspire is an excellent tool for making it clear to employees what they receive in addition to their salary, and acts as an incentive for greater motivation and engagement.

People working in office

Busting the myths of switching payroll providers

 Don’t let perceptions about switching payroll provider stop you from improving your payroll. In this article, we debunk the five most common myths of changing payroll providers.

Man wearing glasses sat on skateboard outside looking at phone

Moving payroll provider? Tips for a smoother switch

 Follow our tips to make moving payroll suppliers as smooth as possible.

International Payroll
man and woman shaking hands in an office

How to effectively manage raise and promotion requests

No matter whether you're an experienced HR manager or a long-time business owner, raise and promotion requests are an aspect of HR that many people struggle with. In this guide, our HR experts are showing you how it's done. 

group of male and female employees in a meeting

How to process employees returning from furlough

Are you ready for the end of the UK furlough scheme? In this blog, we offer our expert advice on how to successfully process staff returning from furlough.

Workforce Management

How to adapt your onboarding strategy for a remote working environment

The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt their onboarding strategies to overcome new workplace challenges. With social distancing minimising face-to-face contact, and more people changing occupation than in pre-pandemic years. In this guide, we'll show you how to approach this change from a HR perspective

outsourcing hr functions

How to realign company culture in 2021

In this article, we're taking a closer look at what can be done to realign your company culture in 2021 and the age of remote working.

two women in job interview meeting

Benefits of creating new roles for existing talent

As your business grows, you may need to create new roles to satisfy demand. Learn how & why you should recruit internally to fill these positions here...

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