Adapting to the fast-moving world of HR and new payroll laws & legislation

Asda Stores Ltd is one of the largest British supermarket retailers in Britain, with 150,000 employees and over 600 stores across the UK.
I would recommend SD Worx as a payroll supplier to other companies. The fact we've been with SD Worx for 21 years is a testament to that; we've changed a lot in that time, and SD Worx have changed with us on that journey
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Simon Bell Reward Manager Asda

Asda were looking for a payroll partner that can support them with the ever-changing landscape of the workforce, such as GDPR, gender pay and the national living wage. Adapting with the fast moving world of HR, payroll legislation, new laws and regulations was key for Asda to enable them to deliver the best service for their customers.

Sourcing a payroll partner that is able to confidently deal with the size and complexity of Asda's international and multi-layered payroll operations was another key factor for them; they were looking for a provider that was able to demonstrate global experience through their international footprint.


SD Worx recognised the challenges that were important to Asda, and worked closely to ensure a team of highly experienced professionals supported Asda through the fast-changing workforce landscape through a fully managed payroll outsource service. Together, Asda and SD Worx were able to implement some of the changes through HR and down the line, to ensure staff were being paid accurately and fulfill all other payroll obligations such as high levels of accuracy, keeping up with employee law changes and RTI reporting.

SD Worx understood Asda's multi-layered payroll operations, and were able to share expertise and guidance through existing multi-national experience and global reach.

As a result of a successful partnership, Asda and SD Worx have a long standing relationship which continues to extend and grow.

Benefits & Impact

  • Support and guidance with changing legislation such as GDPR, minimum wage and pay gap.
  • Access to SD Worx exclusive customer platform, TrustWorx, which is full of useful resources.
  • SD Worx provide high levels of focused customer service.
  • Strong partnership formed and a great working relationship.
  • Experienced Payroll partner with multi-national footprint and expertise.
  • Can rely on SD Worx to support with the ever-changing workforce landscape.
  • Collaborative relationship; SD Worx feel like an extension of Asda's team.
  • SD Worx annual Conference provides opportunity for networking and learning best industry practices.

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