A new payroll solution is driving Costco’s digital transformation

As a forward-thinking retailer, they started the search for a new payroll solution that would drive digital transformation without introducing complexities.
The high-quality customer service from SD Worx is what stands them apart from other payroll vendors. They listened to our requirements, worked diligently to budgets and timeframes and offered expert knowledge and training for our teams.
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Olabisi Opanuga Senior Finance Manager


  • Unsustainable legacy platform
  • Fortnightly pay cycle
  • Tight implementation deadline

Costco pays its UK employees on a fortnightly pay cycle, previously reliant on an unsupported and outdated system that was never intended to manage payroll.

A forward-thinking retailer, Costco started the search for a new payroll solution that would drive digital transformation without introducing complexities. The brief included ease of use, data security, compliance, accuracy and a self-service functionality. Ultimately, stakeholders were seeking a cloud-based payroll solution that could be deployed in just a few months to effortlessly run the fortnightly pay cycle for thousands of employees.


Costco thoroughly researched the market before undertaking a stringent vendor risk management assessment for their first choice, SD Worx. Having previously attended SD Worx networking and webinars, Costco felt reassured of their payroll and technical expertise. During procurement, the pre-sales team truly listened to their needs, taking key personnel through several product demonstrations. Highlights of the software solution included the simplicity of the interface, the user experience and advanced reporting options.

It was always going to be a challenge to replace a bespoke legacy system in a tight timeframe, but SD Worx and Costco worked tirelessly together to test and finetune implementation of a SaaS solution. They moved their payroll successfully to the cloud ahead of schedule and under budget.

Benefits & Impacts

  • Continuity of service from pre-sales through to implementation, training and account management
  • Ideal scalability for the retail sector with its seasonal peaks and variable pay scales
  • A quality experience for staff, maintaining Costco’s reputation as an attractive place to work
  • SaaS is proving to be a sustainable investment, saving time and money and reducing manual processes and carbon footprint
  • Collaborative partnership between SD Worx and Costco
  • The limitations of the legacy system have been eradicated

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