ODEON is the largest cinema chain in Europe with coverage in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Finland, the Baltics, Norway, Sweden, Republic of Ireland and the UK. Now part of the largest cinema group in the world, AMC Entertainment, Odeon continues to provide the whole experience of cinema to its customer base.

The biggest challenge for Odeon’s payroll and HR teams is the amount of seasonal staff that they have within the business. Depending on the season, staff numbers can fluctuate between 6,500 to 7,000 on a monthly basis including the student population that comes through during Easter, Christmas and the summer holidays. Onboarding process takes time in addition to getting information in a timely manner.


Odeon needed a platform that could manage that sheer volume of staff every month. As their chosen payroll partner, SD Worx provides an overall package that meets Odeon's requirement for the timely completion and processing of all of their staff payroll, both salaried and hourly paid.

As the government continuously implements new legislation changes, it is also important for Odeon to be on top of how those changes can affect its payroll. Odeon’s access to a bigger forum of knowledge at SD Worx has also proven beneficial to the partnership.

In terms of compliance, Odeon and SD Worx are working hand in hand  to has been working on its SOX compliance, a totally new accreditation brought to life by AMC Entertainment. It’s given Odeon 

Benefits & Impact

  • Efficient and timely reporting of useful information when requested from SD Worx
  • SD Worx provides vital legislation updates and support to Odeon
  • Access to a bigger forum of knowledge from the customer base of SD Worx
  • SD Worx provides systems support on best ways to do an action in the system as quickly as possible
  • Paperless and self-service functionality. Employees can use the system to book or buy holidays but can also print when required
  • Historical online payslips solution whether for the 10 months record or last pay period
  • Support with P45s coming through on a regular basis from SD Worx
  • Useful assistance with the P11D process from SD Worx

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There's not many payroll providers out there with the knowledge and experience that we've experienced so far with SD Worx. The overall package that we need in order to do our payroll is what SD Worx were able to provide and still provide. Jacquie Ross Head of Business Transaction Services & Payroll for UK & Ireland