The future of modern payroll: Why your payroll should be in the cloud

Tuesday 19th October | 12 pm – 1.30 pm

Businesses increasingly rely on payroll technology to keep them compliant with legislation, including tax rules, benefits, allowances, and deductions. Yet even today, many payroll systems are located on the company’s premises, maintained by in-house IT teams and subject to regular updates to keep them secure and compliant.

Therefore, the risk sits within the organisation to ensure all payroll software updates are correctly applied without affecting the ability to pay employees or jeopardising security – not to mention the growing costs of maintaining this complex IT infrastructure.

For organisations running their own payroll, moving your payroll solution to the cloud makes sound business sense. Not only does it improve payroll processes and accuracy in a secure environment, but it can empower your payroll team and improve employee experience, regardless of where they are in the world. Cloud-based Payroll can also be easily integrated with HR (HCM) and finance systems.

In a virtual roundtable in associated with Reward Strategy, Katie White, HR Director from Bureau Veritas, will walk through their successful switch from an unsustainable legacy platform to a SaaS Payroll solution that has helped their organisation become more efficient, scalable, and accurate. Katie will be joined by Sharon Eadie, Business Development Manager from SD Worx.

The roundtable will follow Chatham House rules and will not be recorded, to ensure a comfortable setting to encourage discussions.

Please get in touch to book your place.


Discussion points include:

  • What’s driving the adoption of new payroll technology and the cloud?
  • How to create a successful business case for moving to the cloud/new technology
  • How a modern payroll solution drives business value and supports post-Covid recovery
  • Identifying your internal project team, and taking all stakeholders on the journey