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We’re one of Ireland’s leading companies for Irish Payroll Outsourcing.

SD Worx Ireland is the market leader in the provision of human capital management services offering Fully Managed & Outsourced Payroll, Integrated Payroll and HR, and a range of HR Management Services.

In addition to providing Irish-based solutions to meet all your HR and Payroll needs, SD Worx Ireland is part of a global organisation allowing you to experience a world of opportunities. 

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Fully Managed Irish Payroll Outsourcing

SD Worx Ireland has over 40 years' experience of providing expert Fully Managed Payroll services. Our service is unrivaled in terms of consistency and reliability. We take care of all your payroll needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Integrated HR & Payroll Solutions

We have led the way in human capital management systems automation, greatly enhancing organisational and individual empowerment through smart use of technology. Experience cloud-based end-to-end flow that has revolutionised how we work from single sign-on to smart technology-enabled documentation.

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Human Resource Management

We provide the most comprehensive range of HR solutions for organisations of all sizes and type in the Irish market. Whether your organisation desires continuous HR support or has a specific once-off HR need, our service is completely tailored to your requirements.

International Solutions

SD Worx has created a global footprint over the past 70 years building in-country Payroll and HR expertise throughout the world. Whether you are seeking Payroll, T&A, or HR services within one or many jurisdictions, we provide a streamlined solution that meets and exceeds your requirements anywhere in the world. 

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Our People

The growth of SD Worx Ireland is resultant from the growth of its people who work in an organisation with an ethos of togetherness. Our values are based on integrity, passion, smart cooperation, being results-driven and innovative. These values permeate every interaction we have with each other and with our valued customer base.

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