Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We're a bit OCD about NPS

To cut a long story short, our unhealthy obsession with payroll means we love delighting customers. So in order to measure and improve our service, we use the Net Promoter Score method (NPS) which provides us with invaluable and honest customer feedback. We don't just listen to this feedback - we act upon it. Our 97% customer retention rate is proof that we provide payroll expertise, support and knowledge year after year, of which we are very proud.

How does NPS work?

Unlike pension auto enrolment, NPS is rather simple. We ask our customers to rate the following question from a scale of 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (very likely), and from the scores given we identify three categories of people.


"How likely are you to recommend SD Worx to a colleague or peer?"

The score is then calculated: 

What do we do with the feedback?

We savour it and act upon it

We love hearing good things about SD Worx but if something's not quite up to scratch, we'll put it right. Our Payroll Fanatics ensure that all feedback is evaluated and addressed, where necessary, to strengthen customer relationships and improve our business processes.

Here's an example:

NPS score by customer = 6

Additional feedback: I have noticed a drop in service over the last couple of months since our normal payroll processor went on maternity leave. 

Our response

The customer is to be contacted directly to discuss these concerns with the following being identified for improvement.

  1. Drop in service
  2. Processing accuracy that needs to return to previous high level
  3. Reports to be completed correctly and provided in the agreed timescales

Action plan

Following contact with the customer, a new payroll administrator is to be allocated - someone that the customer has previously worked with. The second and third points will be monitored on a monthly call with a dedicated customer support team in order to keep communication open and maintain visibility of any potential issues.

We find NPS a really effective way of ensuring we deliver Service Like No Other.