Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We’re passionate about delivering the highest level of service to our customers and acting on feedback.

To help measure and improve our service we use the Net Promoter Score method (NPS) which provides us with invaluable customer feedback. Acting on this feedback is what drives our 97% customer retention rate that we’re very proud of.

How does NPS work?

It’s simple! We ask our customers to rate the following question from a scale of 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (very likely), and from the scores given, three categories of people can be distinguished.


"How likely are you to recommend SD Worx to a colleague or peer?"

The score is then calculated: 

Our Net Promoter Scores

The only way is up!

We always look at ways of improving our service and score, but we’re proud to say that as participation in the survey continues to increase each quarter, we still consistently exceed our industry average of +9.


 nps score 

How do we act on the feedback?

We act on every piece of feedback from our NPS survey.

All our colleagues are fully engaged with and understand the impact of the NPS survey across the business and ensure that all feedback is evaluated, addressed and most importantly 'learned from' so that business processes are enhanced and strong productive relationships are established with customers.

Here's an example:

NPS score by customer = 6

Additional feedback: I have noticed a drop in service over the last couple of months since our normal payroll processor went on maternity leave. 

Our response

The customer is to be contacted directly to discuss these concerns with the following being identified for improvement.

  1. Drop in service.
  2. Processing accuracy needs to return to previous high level.
  3. Reports to be completed correctly and provided in the agreed timescales.

Action Plan

Following contact with the customer, a new payroll adminstrator is to be allocated; someone that the customer has previously worked with. The second and third points will be monitored on a monthly call with a dedicated customer support team in order to keep communication open, and quick visibility of any potential issues.