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Any successful business case for payroll investment must be packed with benefits, clear facts and ROI metrics, to get the necessary buy-in. It should also help stakeholders to make an informed choice about which payroll option suits the wider business requirements, whether it’s outsourced or SaaS/inhouse – or even a hybrid approach.

At SD Worx we are payroll people first, and have worked with some the UK’s best-known brands to implement pay solutions. We’re here to help you too.

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We know that every business has its own challenges. As well as providing the facts and figures, we will work closely with you to ensure the outcome is a business case tailored to your organisation and industry’s specific needs.

Here are 6 key considerations we will work with you to answer.


Project Scope

How does what you’re trying to achieve fit with the wider goals of your business and the expectations of the senior leadership team?

Core HR


What will the implementation look like? What will be the resource implications on your team? How can you minimise the impact on business as usual?



How will it work with your existing HR solutions, and what the plan is to test the integrations and ensure the best employee experience?



How will your payroll-related processes need to change or improve, and what will this mean for existing payroll teams and key stakeholders?


Enhanced control

How will your new payroll solution/service improve control of your payroll and ensure you always have transparency?



How will you mitigate any risks or concerns your business has, and ensure compliance is baked in?

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