Talent Management

Talent Management

Identify, develop and retain your brightest stars

Talent Management helps you ensure that you know where your top talent sits, and identify people who may be suitable for promotions in to roles, ensuring you have clear succession plans in place wherever you need them.

  • View your employee performance and potential ratings
  • Identify where your high potential employees sit within your business
  • Create succession plans for key roles

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9-box grid

Identify where talent resides in your business by viewing the performance and potential of all your employees on a 9-Box grid. Filter by department and division to see your high performing teams. The grid uses end of year review data including Performance Rating and Potential, and gives HR users a view of the volume of employees who sit within each box.

The grid can be:

  • Parametrised to specific tolerances, colours, and labels
  • Filtered to change the data displayed
  • Toggled to show either numbers or percentage of employees

Succession planning

HR can mark employees as potential candidates for key roles within the business, before reviewing these in a dynamic data mining tool that allows them to look for succession gaps and understand the succession plans for any key role.

A allows for the capture of the job title/role that the employee is likely to be in line to succeed and over what time period e.g. in the next 2-3 years. The data entered against relevant employees is then used by the system within Explorer to allow HR users a view of the employees specified as being within a succession plan for a specific role.

Employee mobility

Employees have the facility, if required, to specify the locations that they are willing to work in for the business. They are able to list as many locations as appropriate to enable HR to see who is willing to re-locate and to where. This enables HR and managers to manage development of their key talent more efficiently.