Workforce Management

Get a single view of time and attendance, planning and access control, with the option to fully integrate with SD Worx Payroll and HR.

The biggest myth about workforce management is that it can only help you track time and attendance. But workforce management is so much more than time. It consists of all the elements required to empower your most important asset – your employees.

Our European market-leading workforce management solution, Protime, provides a complete picture of the employee lifecycle to harness the potential of your workforce. The intelligent cloud-based SaaS solution seamlessly integrates with our Payroll and HR solutions, yet it also functions as a standalone Workforce Management solution. Protime is easily accessible on any device to maximise productivity and improve employee experience.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Maximise engagement – Empower your employees to manage essential transactions and requests via an easy-to-use self-service tool.
  • Increase speed and accuracy - Analyse the real-time impact of adjustments and changes to data so you’re always one step ahead.
  • Reduce risk and achieve greater compliance - Automate processes to eliminate human error and ensure legislation rules are met.
  • Increase productivity – Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with self-service functionality and automation, giving your employees more time to focus on the important stuff.
  • Future-proof– Evolve from manual and outdated operating systems and easily process multiple work schedules at once.

Our offer

  • Market-leading European workforce management solution, Protime
  • Time registration, access control and workforce planning
  • Seamless integrated with SD Worx Payroll and HR
  • Employee and manager self-service, intuitive and easy to use from any device, including mobile
  • Built-in legislative compliance
  • Managed services (e.g. application management, payroll support, data management, etc.)

What's more important to you, reducing costs or improving efficiency?

Now there's no need to choose. Our workforce management module helps you do both. From planning and scheduling, to managing absences and annual leave requests, to processing accurate payroll, our best-of-breed workforce management solution connects harmoniously with your HR and payroll solutions. This gives you a complete picture of your workforce and rich data that you can leverage for strategic insights.

Seamless integration with Payroll & HR

Our workforce management solution provides you with a single view of time and attendance, planning and access control, with the option to fully integrate with SD Worx Payroll and HR. The interfacing between these solutions is set up during implementation by our experienced development consultants, so you don't need to worry about the transfer of personnel data, absences, or the correct pay codes, these will be fully integrated with your SD Worx package from the beginning.

This means you'll gain access to your entire employee lifecycle from one supplier, with one contract and one support line. Plus, we'll guarantee that you stay fully compliant, with legislative compliance built-in and the capability to meet the complex requirements of European countries.

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