Ceridian meets small business payroll needs online with Ceridian Payroll2Day

22 August 2008

Ceridian has announced the launch of Ceridian Payroll2Day, a web-hosted payroll solution for UK businesses of 50 employees or less.

Ceridian, one of the largest providers of human resource services in the world, today announces the launch of Ceridian Payroll2Day, a payroll solution for UK businesses of 50 employees or less. Payroll2Day is a new web-enabled solution available for an introductory flat rate fee of just �75 per year. If utilised this 2008/2009 tax year, with the current HMRC practice of issuing an incentive credit for online filing for businesses of less than 50 employees, the solution is effectively cost neutral in its first year.

Delivered online, the solution offers customers access to an advanced payroll engine. Easy-to-use and with all the functionality a modern business needs, Ceridian Payroll2Day helps small businesses stay compliant. With no disks or downloading, the customer can start processing their payroll in as little as five minutes from purchase. This new solution was created in direct response to increasing market demand for flexible payroll software.

Nick Thomson, SME Director of Ceridian in the UK, said: "You would think it's easier to pay your people in a smaller business, but in reality the job is even harder. Often the business owner has multiple roles as well as running the business, with responsibility for the payroll being just one of them.
"Ceridian Payroll2Day has been created with the needs of smaller businesses in mind. Customers can expect the same innovative technology employed for our large and enterprise customers in a powerful package tailored specifically for organisations of less than 50 people. With easy-to-use functionality, Ceridian Payroll2Day can be purchased online at the Ceridian UK website, and used straight away. This allows our customers to enjoy streamlined payroll delivery which can be combined with our other HR services to keep their business compliant while they focus on growth."