Ceridian Issues Advice in Light of the Ongoing Air Travel Disruptions

22 April 2010

Ceridian issues advice to those affected by the air travel disruption, resulting from the Icelandic volcano ash

Ceridian, a market leading supplier of HR and Payroll services, has today issued advice to businesses and employees affected by the recent travel disruption, resulting from the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallaj´┐Żkull.

Commenting Jennifer Stacey, Chief People Officer for Ceridian, said: "Businesses with employees stranded overseas are undoubtedly under pressure, with some firms having to choose between overburdening existing employees and hiring temporary staff to shoulder the responsibility.

"Although the safety and wellbeing of employees is a top priority, those stranded overseas, on business or pleasure, should communicate developments with their employer on a regular basis in accordance with their company's absence policy.

For those employees stranded on business it is likely that remote working facilities can be arranged and the business trip extended. For those stranded at the end of a holiday, given there is no entitlement to paid absence, HR leaders may wish to offer them the opportunity to take further holiday entitlement or authorise unpaid leave.Jennifer Stacey, Chief People Officer for Ceridian

"Employers should note that due to the situation being out of the employee's control, disciplinary action upon their return would be inappropriate.

"This is likely to be a concerning time for not just businesses and employees directly affected, but also the family members of those stranded. Carers and parents, in particular, with partners stranded overseas may be struggling to juggle their work commitments with their responsibilities at home which are usually shared. As a consequence employers may see an increase in requests for Parental Leave, flexible working and remote working to help parents and carers keep their workload under control while meeting family responsibilities.

"Employees should also take into consideration the potential psychological impact on both those stranded and their loved ones. Stress resulting from this situation would be a further blow to business and should be mitigated where possible, perhaps through personal counselling and advice."

Ceridian offers businesses a full range of HR services, including its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) LifeWorks, which helps employees manage personal and work related issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. LifeWorks also extends its assistance to managers and supervisory staff through access to coaching in the areas of employee relations and other management concerns.