Ceridian publishes white paper on 'HR Analytics - delivering a competitive advantage'

6 November 2013

Ceridian has published a new Whitepaper entitled 'HR Analytics - delivering a competitive advantage'.

Ceridian has published a new whitepaper entitled 'HR Analytics - delivering a competitive advantage'.

Author, David Woodward, chief product and innovation officer, at Ceridian UK said:

According to an increasing number of publications by leading academics, highly regarded research bodies and analysts, the advent of powerful HR analytics is set to transform the traditional view and ways of working within HR.
</br>In an increasingly competitive world, HR has a golden opportunity to harness the new HR analytics platforms that are becoming feasible, built on modern SaaS-based HRIS/HCM platforms. In so doing, HR functions can interpret complex data more efficiently and with greater confidence and accuracy. By following the model of the best marketing departments, HR is set to become data rich, able to provide hard evidence-based decision-making to its leadership teams and deliver valuable business benefits.
</br>HR departments have spent a lot of energy debating and sometimes bemoaning how important it is for them to be at the top table and be strategic, but if data analysis is not embraced in the way marketing did and finance have always done, then there is a very real risk that HR will become less relevant in the future business fabric than now.

The 10-page whitepaper considers what HR can learn from the marketing department; defines HR analytics; shows how the new technology helps HR; illustrates how you can use HR analytics; provides seven supporting comments from seasoned HR professionals; outlines four common misconceptions on HR analytics; argues the time is right for HR to embrace these new technologies; and highlights the five steps to get on the right road.

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