Simon Parsons and Graham Wells from SD Worx UK & Ireland feature in 2015 Payroll Top 50

9 April 2015

Simon Parsons and Graham Wells of SD Worx UK & Ireland, one of the largest payroll providers in Europe, have both been named in the Payroll Top 50, a unique list of payroll's leading professionals. The list was announced after the Payroll World Spring Update Conference and is made up of payroll professionals that have had a positive impact on the industry over the last 12 months.

Doug Sawers, managing director of SD Worx UK & Ireland, said: "As a leading payroll supplier, SD Worx was the proud sponsor of this year's Payroll Top 50. Recognising talent and achievement is an important value within our business and being associated with 50 inspirational payroll leaders is even more important as this year, SD Worx is celebrating its 50th birthday. We are therefore doubly delighted that both Simon Parson and Graham Wells feature in the 2015 Payroll Top 50."

Simon Parsons - Director of Payments Benefits & Compliance Strategies
Simon has been a major contributor to SD Worx's payroll expertise since 1984. Besides being influential in the development of SD Worx's payroll services, he is a major presence on a number of HMRC consultative groups and committees.

A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and one of the original Masters of Science in Payroll Management, Simon is a regular author and speaker on payroll matters. He is also Chair of IReeN, the electronic exchange with government user network, and was appointed chair of the British Computer Society (BCS) Payroll Group in September 2013.

Simon has won a number of awards in the past including the Strathearn Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2012 Pay & Benefits Awards, the Payroll Alliance Award for Advancing the Payroll Profession in 2010 and IPP Person of the Year in 2006.

He is also a feature writer for Payroll World and regularly writes payroll related content for SD Worx's Connection magazine (sent to 10,000 subscribers) and is a spokesperson for SD Worx on payroll related matters. He also regularly speaks at SD Worx events, including the annual conference.

Graham Wells - Principal Consultant
Graham Wells has worked for SD Worx for 45 years. He is completely passionate about payroll and has become somewhat of a "payroll legend" in the eyes of both customers and colleagues.

He was one of the analysts that designed SD Worx's payroll engine and is an expert on it. The mainframe, batch-driven solution was the inspiration for a number of payroll engines within the payroll industry.

With SD Worx's move to cloud-based SaaS technology, Graham was extensively involved in the design of the new payroll engine.

He has also been instrumental in designing solutions for many of SD Worx's major customers including major retail, finance and automotive names. Key projects have included pay frequency changes, salary sacrifice and interface design.

In his time at SD Worx, he has held numerous management roles including payroll services, consultancy and customer services.

He is SD Worx's expert on salary sacrifice and has advised many customers on how to achieve huge savings.