Payroll is king in times of uncertainty

4 September 2020

The first peak of the coronavirus pandemic has shifted key priorities of large and small businesses alike, making payroll services a top concern for British companies with employee wellbeing a close second. This is according to SD Worx, the payroll and HR services provider.


Two-thirds of Brits are proud of the work they do

27 August 2020

Research shows that the vast majority (64.5%) of UK-based employees take pride in the work they currently do. The Belgians score highest with 80.0% followed by Dutch employees with 70.7%. The Brits and the Germans display the same level of pride with the French in last place with 57.1% saying they take pride in what they do for living.

Good results

Good results of SD Worx during the first half of the year, despite the Corona crisis.

25 August 2020

Payroll and HR service provider SD Worx has announced its results for the first half of 2020. SD Worx is an essential partner for its customers in an economic climate that is really suffering due to the coronavirus crisis. By adopting a strong emphasis on cost control, SD Worx has succeeded in maintaining its results.


Almost half of UK employees associate new technology with business growth

18 August 2020

Brits are much more positive about the impact of new technologies on job creation and business growth compared to employees based in Belgium, Germany, France or the Netherlands.

Cloud HR Transformation

SD Worx acknowledged as leader in Cloud HR Transformation

13 August 2020

SD Worx labelled 'leader' in Cloud HR Transformation category for second year running. This was the result of leading analyst firm NelsonHall's annual market analysis. SD Worx's Cloud HR Transformation services are praised for, among other things, the many years of experience offering both HR implementations and HR services.