ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our compliance with internationally recognised standards of information security. Gaining the certification gives our customers and stakeholders confidence that their data and information is held safely. It allows for secure exchange of information internationally and shows consistency in the delivery of our products and services under the technical and operational requirements necessary to prevent a data breach for our customers. 

The ISO 27001 certification shows that :

We are required to document our customers' data, and how we protect it
We provide customers with a framework showing how we meet legal obligations
We keep up to date with constantly evolving data security threatsWe constantly provide customers with convincing evidence that we take necessary measures to comply with the data security requirements set out by GDPR

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Our focus on technical compliance

Having a Broad Risk Management Approach, SD Worx understands the technical requirements of legal data compliance and continuously closes all gaps in areas at risk of non-compliance, meaning that our customers' data is always secure.

Our technical and organisational measures are ever-improving through Encryption and Anonymisation. 

Our focus on colleague compliance

SD Worx has a GDPR readiness team who action plans for all business areas and give a full audit of our GDPR programme. We have a continuous full review of all incident, security & privacy policies and processes to ensure integration of GDPR requirements featuring risk assessments across all relevant areas of business.

Our colleagues have the right training, providing them with a greater understanding of data security risks and compliance requirements which heavily reduce our customers' exposure to security threats.


Our Product Compliance for GDPR


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