Payroll Efficiency Review

Payroll Efficiency Review

We've helped organisations uncover cost savings as high as £1m

There has never been a more optimal time to review your payroll operations. For many companies, recent events have stretched operational costs and organisational resilience to breaking point, and in some cases, beyond. It is a stark reminder that payroll shouldn’t be an afterthought: assessing the value, effectiveness and stability of your payroll operations is business critical.

We offer an in-depth, non-committal and free analysis from one of our payroll experts. It will highlight what your current payroll is costing your business, any areas of potential risk you're open to, and the effectiveness of your internal processes.  

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What will the review cover?

Your payroll operations will be objectively benchmarked against Payroll Standard Timings and analysed across three performance categories: risk assessment, cost saving suggestions and process optimisation. Using lean principles, we’ll share our knowledge and best practice while applying agile methodology to your business.

Stage 1: Preliminary evaluation

We’ll conduct a video call with you to understand the people, processes and technology used in your payroll operations and explore what is and isn’t working for you. This provides our experts with a solid foundation to assess the efficiency of your payroll processes.

Stage 2: Second stage evaluation 

We’ll interview the key stakeholders from your organisation, such as the Payroll Manager and HR Manager, to learn specific details of your payroll processes. We’ll perform a gap analysis to highlight areas of inefficiency and identify the key enablers that will increase organisational growth.

Stage 3: Results 

We’ll take you through your personalised report and discuss the recommendations with you. We’ll highlight which areas will drive the highest cost savings and efficiencies in your organisation. Finally, we’ll help you create a compelling business case to put the recommendations into action.

Benefits of a Payroll Efficiency review:

  • Make significant time and cost savings
  • Demonstrate value and ROI
  • Increase productivity and efficiency across business functions
  • Develop standardised and scalable processes for future growth
  • Improve compliance and reduce risks and liabilities

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Meet our experts

You’re in good hands with our expert consultants, Chris Cullen and Will Smith. They have extensive knowledge of payroll operations and they will work with you to understand your challenges and goals, as well as identifying areas of inefficiency to help you improve.


Chris Cullen – Solutions Consultant

With over nine years of experience, Chris is an expert in helping organisations maximise their efficiencies by implementing payroll, HR and workforce management technology.

“A payroll efficiency review will help organisations think about and visualise how long they actually spend on tasks. It gives food for thought and inspires a real drive for change to stamp out inefficiencies.”


Will Smith – Solutions Consultant

Will has a varied background in IT, business, payroll and HR. He is gifted in working with organisations to spot opportunities to optimise their business value through innovative solutions and services.

“The ability to understand your payroll landscape is priceless. If you know where you are today, you can plan where you want to be tomorrow. By working with us to understand your processes, we can help your business build real value and achieve future growth.”

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